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Memorable Quotes from Ownership Press Conference

by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes

GLENDALE -- What follows are some memorable quotes from Tuesday’s press conference that introduced the Coyotes’ new ownership group:

“We believe that hockey - the Coyotes - can and will be successful here and perhaps hockey in Glendale, and the Valley, was like two star-crossed lovers- things just kept going wrong in the relationship, whether it was competitiveness or ownership or a whole host of factors, including the intervention of the Goldwater Institute. The fact of the matter is that we believe hockey can work here and with ownership that is committed to this team, other than league ownership, with the management team that’s in place and with the things George and Anthony are going to do, this franchise will have a bright future.

And we know because we operated it and we’re not operators, and we saw that in the most difficult operational situation we saw what this team could do competitively, and most importantly, from a fan perspective. Mike Nealy was successful each season in increasing the attendance and the season ticket base, and that’s a testament to him and the organization, but it’s also a testament to the fans, who, despite the uncertainty, despite the fact that you think you’re going to lose something, maybe you’ll pull away. That uncertainty is gone, so now we’re really counting on the fans and the business community and the community at large to step up and open their hearts without reservation or hesitation to the team because it’s going to be here.”

-- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

“ I really believe in this Phoenix marketplace and every one of our partners that came into this deal, that was his sole purpose, to look at this deal from the macro environment all the way down to the microeconomics of this deal. We feel very comfortable that hockey is going to work in this Valley. If not than we wouldn’t be involved.”

“We’re going to focus on the business side of it and the business side of it is not too much different than any other business, you’ve got to watch your cost, generate revenue, we’ve got to find a way to fill the arena. We’ve got a good group of partners, a collective brain trust that we think are going to be able to assist on that side of things.”

-- Chairman and Governor George Gosbee

“It really does come down to having a group of people who are, first and foremost, smart individuals in their business lives, but are also passionate about the sport as well. From my perspective, this was really the tipping point in the past six months when George and the group of individuals who are here came into the group.”

“There is no question that we would love to be able to spend the way top market teams do. That is just not a reality in this market at this particular time, and we need to be smart, we need to be prudent, but at the same time, we feel, based off the budgeting we have done, preparing for this deal and what we expect to see happen on the business side, we feel confident we’re going to be able to give him (Don Maloney) the budget that will help the franchise. I think you saw that immediately after the vote in Glendale when free agency opened and Mr. Maloney was able to secure arguably the top point scorer (Mike Ribeiro) that was available in free agency.”

-- Alternate Governor Anthony LeBlanc

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