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by Russell Brooks / Arizona Coyotes
Russell Brooks from is live at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Downtown Phoenix to cover the hearings. Check back as a live continuous blog will be posted. The newest updates will be posted towards the top and all times are Arizona time.


4:15 P.M. - The judge just announced that he is done with hearings for the day. Stay tuned to for the judge's ruling on relocation. He is not ruling from the bench today, but a ruling is expected within the next few days.

4:11 P.M. - The representative for Glendale comes up for less than a minute to talk relocation fee. The City of Glendale lawyer follows up behind him and reels off statistics related to economics.

4:08 P.M. - Freeman finishes up. Clark comes back up to the stand to talk about the lack of official offers.

3:50 P.M. - Freeman is talking to judge over the possible relocation fee that she talked about in the morning hearings.

3:41 P.M. - Ms. Freeman, lawyer for PSE and Balsillie, takes the podium again. She also comments on the City of Glendale and the Arena.

3:39 P.M. - Tony Clark, lawyer for the NHL, makes another appearance and talks about the auction and comments on the potential damage to the City of Glendale.

3:35 P.M. - City of Glendale lawyer wraps up. A member of the committee, who is talking economics, comes up and talks numbers to Judge Baum. He encourages a quick auction to be held on June 22nd.

3:30 P.M. - Glendale lawyer continues to talk about the amount of damage Glendale would suffer if the Coyotes left.

3:16 P.M. - City of Glendale isn't sure what events they can put in Arena to replace the Coyotes if they move. Mentioned were ASU basketball and college hockey, which the judge called a long shot.

3:06 P.M. - City of Glendale lawyer is going through the numbers of Jim Balsillie's bid using big cards. His assessment agrees with the NHL, who detailed this earlier today.

2:39 P.M. - City of Glendale lawyer takes the podium pretty much stating with the last lawyer said.

2:37 P.M. - City of Glendale representative for the debtor wraps up his legal assessment of the lease.

2:19 P.M. - City of Glendale believes it is entitled to half a billion dollars if the Coyotes break the lease.

2:03 P.M. - The afternoon hearings begin with the City of Glendale getting their turn at the podium talking about the lease and the potential damage of the team leaving.

2:02 P.M. - Court is back in session.

1:45 P.M. - The court is waiting for Judge Baum to take care of his 1:30 P.M. hearings before we rejoin the Coyotes hearings picked up from earlier today. They are currently in progress. Stay tuned.

12:40 P.M. - Court is currently in a recess. It will resume today at 1:40 P.M. Stay tuned to for all the up-to-the-minute information regarding today's hearings. As stated earlier, the judge will not make a decision from the bench today. Commissioner Bettman has left the courthouse to travel to Pittsburgh for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.

12:32 P.M. - The lawyer for the City of Glendale steps up and is talking about the cities position, but will mainly talk after the hour break.

12:22 P.M. - A lawyer representing the NFL, MLB, and NBA is up now to answer questions about the leagues position about their procedures and bylaws.

12:21 P.M. - A lawyer for Jerry Moyes is talking about his stance as an unsecured creditor.

12:15 P.M. - A lawyer for the creditors committee is up talking for the creditors in the case.

12:11 P.M. - Judge announces that this hearing will go to 12:40 P.M. It will resume later on today (approx. 1:45 P.M.). The judge will not make a decision from the bench today. 

12:06 P.M. - Balsillie's lawyer is still talking at the podium about her client and the potential move to Hamilton.

11:40 A.M. - Judge: The timeline that Balsillie has proposed presents a time crunch.

11:21 A.M. - Judge: If teams stays in Phoenix, fans will have the opportunity to stand up with their pocket books and show support.

11:17 A.M. - Balsillie's lawyer believes that the NHL is blocking any team to go to Hamilton. Judge counters with has anything prior to this ever been submitted for it. Balsillie's lawyer responds no.

11:12 A.M. - The lawyer for Balsillie steps up to talk and is questioned by the Judge with a motion she submitted.

11:10 A.M. - Another lawyer from the debtors steps up to talk about the Oakland/L.A. Raiders case.

11:02 A.M. - Clark concludes his argument for the NHL. Goldfein steps up to talk anti-trust and other precedent cases.

10:53 A.M. - Judge addresses issue that the move of the Coyotes would "ruin professional sports".

10:39 A.M. - Clark: The NHL will fund the Coyotes if they remain in Phoenix.

10:37 A.M. - Clark continues to state the case of the NHL and its bylaws and constitutions.

10:15 A.M. - Clark and another NHL lawyer (Mr. Goldfein) are both tackling questions asked by the Judge regarding relocation and the NHL bylaws.

10:04 A.M. - NHL lawyer Tony Clark steps to the podium to talk about relocation.

9:52 A.M. - Salerno has referred to the Oakland Raiders and L.A. Clippers numerous times in his argument on relocation.

9:35 A.M. - Judge calls back up "the righty" (Mr. Salerno) to continue his argument on relocation.

9:25 A.M. - Another attorney for the debtors is brought up to talk about the anti-trust issues.

9:20 A.M. - Judge: "This is the first time some one has tried to move the team from the U.S. to Canada and that raises some unique questions."

9:18 A.M. - Judge: "No cases have been made where a team has been moved under bankruptcy sections 363 and 365."

9:04 A.M. - Debtor Attorney Thomas Salerno opens with a brief about relocation and the City of Glendale.

9:02 A.M. - Judge Redfield Baum has entered the courtroom.

8:43 A.M. - Most of the personnel from both sides have filed into the courtroom. In attendance today are many members of the media, especially from Canada, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and Commissioner Gary Bettman.

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