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Health and Safety: Coyotes Team with Salesforce to Combat COVID-19

Employees record potential exposures, body temperature, and other key data points in a daily survey

by Alex Kinkopf @AEKinkopf / Arizona Coyotes

COVID-19 has highlighted the health and safety protocols for Coyotes front office operations. It has also triggered adaptation. 

Coyotes President and CEO Xavier Gutierrez stresses the importance of innovation and the utilization of high-tech solutions for the challenging conditions.

"This health crisis that we've had to manage, our focus has been, 'How do we keep everybody safe? How do we keep everybody healthy?'" Gutierrez said. "Our players, our team members, all of our staff members, our community."

Following a six-month work-from-home mandate, the Coyotes partnered with Salesfroce's Command Center to implement a phased return to team offices at Gila River Arena. proffers new solutions -- contact tracing and emergency response management; employee wellness assessment and shift management -- to accelerate responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Command Center allows the organization to monitor staff, remote or in the main and satellite offices in Tucson. Employees record potential exposures, body temperature, and other key data points in a daily survey. All of the information is legally collected, according to current health record guidelines.

"We've come a long way," said Cole Cook, Coyotes Vice President of Strategy and Business Intelligence. "We first started with a paper form. When somebody would come to the office, they'd fill out a paper form, take their temperature and stuff it in a shoebox, and then you went about your day. But now everything is digital, it's terrific actually." 

The Pivot Point: The Arizona Coyotes

The Command Center allows the Coyotes to be proactive with contact tracing and minimize in-office contagion.

"We had an instance where a few members of our staff were exposed to COVID-19," Cook said. "With the Salesforce Command Center, we were able to identify who was in the office that day, who met with those individuals, and quickly shut down operations to ensure that this was a safe workplace for all of our employees."

Gutierrez underlines the importance of being so focused and proactive.

"This partnership with Salesforce has been incredible for us," Gutierrez said. "I feel very blessed to have an incredible team here at the Coyotes that is very innovative, very tech-savvy, very forward-thinking."

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