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Quick Questions with Scott Wedgewood

Get to know goalie Scott Wedgewood off the ice

by Arizona Coyotes @ArizonaCoyotes

Scott Wedgewood talked to us about his life off the ice and some of his favorite things. 

We started with the hard hitting questions everyone wants to know. 

1) What's your favorite food? 

2) Do you have a pregame warmup song? 
Going old school, Bon Jovi. 

3) Favorite offseason activity?

4) Favorite athlete? 
Tiger Woods. 

5) Do you have a pet?
"Two bernedoodles, Captain and Bucky, both Marvel names. They have their own Instagram"

6)Do you have gameday superstitions? 

7) When did you start playing hockey? 
"I first put on skates, backyard hockey at 4 I think." 

8) Looking back to you have any advice you'd tell yourself? 
"I would say you don't have to be perfect. Early on, you think every save or every puck catch has to be perfect. Focus more on positioning and just taking up space." 


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