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Quick Questions with Barrett Hayton

by Arizona Coyotes @ArizonaCoyotes

Get to know Coyotes center Barrett Hayton through some off-ice questions. We started with the hard-hitting questions everyone wants to know. 

We started with the hard hitting questions everyone wants to know. 

1) What's your favorite food? 

2) Do you have a pregame warmup song? 
No specific song but Barrett said he mainly listens to Drake and the Certified Lover Boy album (CLB). Other favorite artists include Post Malone and Glack. 

3) Favorite offseason activity?
Being on the lake, and boating take first place, but the Ontario native also enjoys basketball and golf. 

4) Favorite Movie? 
Good Will Hunting is his favorite movie, but Blades of Glory is his favorite sports movie... talk about different genres. 

5) Favorite athlete? 
Growing up Jonathan Toews was his favorite hockey player, but when asked who his favorite athlete is Hayton went with the basketball star Steph Curry. 

6) Do you have gameday superstitions? 
"I'm against superstitions so I try to keep it light on gamedays" 

7) When did you start playing hockey? 
"I think i first skated when I was 3 or 4."

8) Looking back to you have any advice you'd tell yourself? 
"I think just Have Fun. That's kind of what I did and I wouldn't have changed anything." 


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