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Doan and Bissonnette Team Up for Coyotes Podcast

Debut episode hits podcast platforms Monday, 11 a.m.

by Alex Kinkopf @AEKinkopf / Arizona Coyotes

Shane Doan and Paul Bissonnette are teaming up for a brand-new Coyotes podcast, "Off the Post with Doaner and Biz."

The first episode drops Monday at 11 a.m.

The podcast will run twice a month and be featured on three podcast-streaming platforms, Spotify, iTunes and iHeart. A video version will be available on the Coyotes' official YouTube channel.

The two will talk hockey, pop culture, their playing days and anything that comes to mind. Coyotes radio voice Luke Lapinski will host the podcast.

Doan was hired as Chief Hockey Development Officer in January. Bissonnette is in his fourth year with the team in a front office role as Announcer and Ambassador. He also serves as an analyst on all FOX Sports Arizona broadcasts.

It's the perfect combination, said Bissonnette, also co-host of "Spittin' Chiclets," arguably hockey's most popular hockey podcast.

"As far as our friendship and chemistry together, it's awesome," Bissonnette said. "We won't be forcing it. We'll talk about current Coyotes stuff, maybe some things that are going on around the league. We'll touch on stuff from the past as well, like when the team first moved here, how it was settling in, some of the players he played with and the impacts they had on his career."

Said Doan: "I'm looking forward to it just because Biz has done such a great job in the past with everything he's doing. He and I get along well. We're very, very different in lots of ways -- yet very similar in others. So, I think it's a good mix. Our opinions and our views sometimes come from different angles. I think it's going to be exciting."

Bissonette and Doan were Coyote teammates for five seasons (2009-14), during which they developed a relationship that blossomed into a lasting friendship.

Bissonnette left home to pursue his hockey career at age 16. He credits Doan for being instrumental in his growth and maturity.

"Doaner had this unbelievable ability to have time for everyone," Bissonnette said. "Even with the amount of responsibility he had as a player, and also balancing his personal family life, he would always hang around. I would be able to pick his brain about things, things I'd need some guidance on. He was always there for everyone.

"Sometimes after practice we would meet (with a few other teammates) just to talk with Doaner, just to talk about life. It was very healthy and something that I didn't have being a single guy living by myself in Scottsdale. He was a mentor, he was a warrior, and aside from his hockey abilities, he was just an unbelievable person. I'm looking forward to it. I always enjoy my time with Doaner. I'm happy the team got us to do this."

Spoiler alert: In the first episode, Bissonnette and Doan will recall the post-game flight, from Columbus to Anaheim, after Doan's 1,000th game, December 17, 2009.

"He ended up like crushing a bottle and a half of Zambuka on the plane," Bissonnette said. "And he never -- Doaner never drinks. He was not doing great. But nonetheless, he made it up the next morning at 6:00. 

"Doaner had a shot with basically everybody on the plane other than the pilots, which was a good thing." 

Bissonnette says he will lean heavily on Doan's insight. 

"Doaner's got an opinion, he's a deep thinker, and usually when he has an opinion he's able to back it up with a few reasons why he's come to that conclusion. I think that's perfect for podcast form. 

"He's a guy who's got a lot more credibility, as far as a player, than I do," Bissonette said. "He's been put in a lot more situations. He's been there, done that. So, it's me just really tee-ing him up and picking his brain on what he's seeing with current players, current events, anything, really." 

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