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by Dave Vest / Arizona Coyotes
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as told by Dave Vest, the team's V.P. of News Content

I spoke to Danny Carcillo today about his new contract and he’s glad the whole negotiating process is behind him and that he can focus on playing hockey in Phoenix for at least the next two seasons.

I reached Danny after his morning workout in King City, Ontario, and we spoke about several topics. Here are some highlights, Q&A style:

Question: The Coyotes added toughness by signing Todd Fedoruk and Brian McGrattan this summer. As the resident enforcer, how did you react to the news?

Carcillo: “It’s good for me. I don’t want to do as much fighting as I did last year. I mean, I like fighting and I don’t mind doing it, and the way I play fights are going to come to me. But I guess now I don’t have to look for as many fights and I can concentrate more on trying to help the team offensively.”

Question: What’s your reaction to the team adding Olli Jokinen via a trade with Florida for defensemen Keith Ballard and Nick Boynton?

Carcillo: “Obviously he’s going to help us offensively and that’s where we struggled a little bit down the stretch when we were trying to make the playoffs. We lost a few guys to get him, but he’s a premiere player in the league and I’m pretty excited to have him on my team.”

Question: How is the knee you injured last season feeling?

Carcillo: “I have no problems with my knee now. It’s really strong. I’ve been mountain biking and it is holding up well.”

Question: What have you been up to this summer other than working out?

“I haven’t really done much. It’s been a pretty laid back summer. I like being home and being around my friends and family.”

Question: Coyotes fans are eager to play Dallas this year because they want to see you and Sean Avery on the ice at the same time. Your thoughts?

Carcillo: “I have never played against the guy, but obviously I know how he plays and I know I’ve been compared to him. I’m sure we’ll cross paths every now and then. I’m not going to make any predictions and I’m not really too worried about it, but we’ll just see what happens.”

Question: Is he somebody you’ve tried to emulate?

Carcillo: “No. I don’t try to play like anyone. The way I play is the only way I’ve played since I started playing and I don’t think it will ever change.”

Danny is saying all the right things regarding Avery, but I’m guessing it will take less than a shift or two of common ice time until they agitate each another enough to drop the gloves.

Thanks for reading.

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