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by Staff Writer / Arizona Coyotes
By Adrian Aucoin

Things are going pretty well for our team at the halfway point of the season. As I write this, we’re in fourth place in the Western Conference standings with a big six-game homestand coming up.

Adrian Aucoin
As good as we’ve played at home, I don’t think we can afford to look past any team that comes to town. Nothing is going to be easy. Yes, the potential is there to get a lot of points on this homestand but we need to get as many points as we can no matter where we play. All the top teams are doing well and a lot of teams are chasing us so it’s not going to get any easier.

We’ve played very well since I wrote my last blog and a lot of it has to do with the identity of our team. We don’t have one or two star players. We have everybody working hard. It really does take every one of us to play well for us to win. We’re not going to get any lucky wins.

I’m sure you’ve noticed we play a lot of one-goal games. While those can be draining mentally, the positive thing about that is it is getting us ready for the playoffs. Trust me, those are exactly the types of games you see in the playoffs. You rarely see blowouts. Almost every game is a one-goal game and our record is very good in those one-goal games so that’s a positive.

The other night in Canada we were competing for attention with the gold-medal game of the World Junior Championship. They actually showed the overtime period of that game between the U.S. and Canada on the Jumbotron inside Rexall Place as we were playing the Oilers. It wasn’t distracting for me, but it was very distracting for the fans. I never look out at the fans during games, but I was watching them this time just because they were showing that game and the fans were not watching our game. It was strange but you’ve got to understand how big of a deal that tournament is up in Canada.

Last night in Vancouver we played the Canucks. The Sedin twins are very hard to defend because they play like one player and the synergy those two guys have is ridiculous. It’s very challenging to play against them and the other leading scorers in the league like Alex Ovechkin. You’ve always got to keep your eyes on guys like them.

My family and I enjoyed our first Christmas in the Arizona. It was special because it was our first Christmas in a non-snowy environment. It was also special because it was our youngest son’s Kaden’s first Christmas. That was very exciting for all of us and we’ll never forget it.

The other day I was asked if I had any resolutions for 2010. I said I have the same resolution this year that I have every year: Stay healthy. Good health is always a priority for me, especially as I get older. And that goes not just for me but my family, too.

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