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by Adrian Aucoin / Arizona Coyotes
The Olympic break is here and I plan to enjoy spending time with my family and use it to rest up for the stretch drive to the playoffs. We're in good shape in the standings and we know if we continue to work hard once the season resumes we will continue down the right path.

Adrian Aucoin
Somebody asked me last week to rate how eager I was – on a scale from 1-10 - for the break to arrive. I said “9” just from the wear and tear. Normally I’d say that just because I’m old but it seems like now a lot of guys need the physical rest and the mental rest. This compressed schedule has been very hectic.

My plans for the break have been changing constantly but I don’t think we’re going anywhere. We moved to Phoenix on Aug. 1, the kids started school on Aug. 10, we had a baby on Aug. 14 and then training camp started, so I haven’t had a chance to enjoy Phoenix very much. I think we’re going to take this opportunity to go out and do stuff in the local area.

I’m not playing in the Olympics but I will be watching the men’s hockey tournament. I’m very into it. We’ll watch all the big games, for sure, and as many of the other ones as we can if our schedule allows. I think Canada will win the gold medal. Obviously, there are some other teams that have a chance to win gold, but I think with the games being played in Vancouver, Canada should be the gold medal team.

We don’t practice again until Feb. 24 but I’m very confident the layoff won’t kill the momentum we’ve built in the first 63 games. We all know that this franchise has struggled late in the season the past few years, but we’re not that concerned about it because we’re a different team. We’ve got a different mentality and a different coach and we win games with hard work. After this break, we plan to work even harder.
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