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Dev Camp Day Three: Thomas Di Pauli's Blog

by Staff Writer / Washington Capitals
By Thomas Di Pauli

We did a little team-building session before lunch today. Scott Muscutt came to Kettler and talked to us about teamwork and success. He did a great job, and you can tell that he loves what he does. He emphasized today that you need the people around you to be successful in order to be successful yourself. It’s definitely something we can all think about and work on. At the end of the session, we split up into teams for a little friendly timed competition in which teammates take turns tagging yellow numbered dots on the floor within a large square outlined in blue tape. Only one teammate is allowed in the square at a time, and the goal is to get to all the numbers as quickly as possible in under 30 seconds. My team finished second by about a second.

We bused over to Nationals Park yesterday, but the game ended up getting washed out. I still had a decent time. I had some good laughs on the bus with Brian Pinho, Zach Sanford and Nick Lappin. We’re all college hockey players, so we talked about how our teams practice and compared our schools’ cultures. I had played with Lappin’s brother and cousin growing up in Chicago, and Sanford is best buddies with Cal Petersen, my goaltender at Notre Dame.
I’m extremely excited for the three-on-three tournament this afternoon. We did a draft yesterday, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the guys that picked the teams. I think I have a solid three-on-three team. My first pick was O’Brien. I took him second overall; I think Vrana went first overall to Christian Djoos’s team. I also made sure to get some big guys on defense to introduce a little bit of an intimidation factor. I told Kevin Lohan, who’s my roommate, that he better be a shutdown defenseman if I picked him up, and I took him in the third round. I told him he might have to get into a fight or two and get some blocked shots if he wants to be a factor on my team. 
I love three-on-three. Four-on-four is incredible, but three-on-three is maybe even better.  As a fast guy, I love to build up speed and just take the puck down the ice. It’s going to be five guys on each team with line changes on the fly, so it should be very interesting. It’s going to get competitive for sure.

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