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Dev Camp Day Four: Thomas Di Pauli's Blog

by Staff Writer / Washington Capitals
By Thomas Di Pauli

I’m proud to say that my team came up with the win in yesterday’s three-on-three tournament. It went right down to the wire with a double-overtime win in the final. I’m a pretty young GM, but I knew that grit and size were going to be key when I drafted my team. It all ended up paying off.
For the tournament we divided the camp into six five-skater teams, split the rink into two smaller rinks, and skated width-wise. The periods were five minutes running time, and we played sudden-death five-minute OT periods in the event of a tie. We started with three preliminary games to determine the top four teams for a single-elimination playoff bracket.

My team wore the Red jerseys and played Green first. They had a really skilled squad, and we actually lost that game, 3-1. We then had a good 4-0 bounce-back win against Blue; we won that and tied White, 1-1, which gave us the third seed in the elimination bracket. In the semis, we played Green again and pulled off a 1-0 win in a hard-hitting, intense game. In the championship game, we caught a break against White. Zach Sanford and I got on a 2-on-0, and he had a nice move at the net and put it in for the win.
All in all, everybody on Red stepped up big; there was no individual MVP. I think we all worked in different ways and complemented each other well. Kevin Lohan was blocking shots and throwing bodies around. Liam O’Brien had a lot of hits and scored some big goals. Dan Gibb had some nice blocks. Sanford had some nice goals and some nice plays. For the first three games the goalies just stayed in their nets and the teams rotated, but for the playoffs, we got to pick goalies in order of our seeds. We ended up getting Chris Nell, who was perfect for us because he came up pretty big for us too. 
Today we got to sleep in a little with breakfast at 7:30. The skate was really good and high-tempo, and we did some video work. Team White has yoga coming up now. I do a little bit of yoga at home, but not consistently. I like doing it; it stretches out my body and makes my back feels better. I’m a big fan of hot yoga—that’s fun. It gets the sweat going and makes you feel good about yourself. After yoga a couple of us are going to go see a movie I think—maybe Entourage. We’ll also probably get some Cold Stone. It’s going to be a fun day—pretty low-key and relaxing. 
The confidence level on Team White is really high going into tomorrow’s scrimmage. We’re a pretty close-knit team. I’ll be skating on a line with Nick Lappin and Brian Pinho. We have a good amount of chem and have been moving around the puck well in practice. I like playing with those two guys; they’re hard workers and they’re really skilled too. Our trainers here seem to think that Team Red has the upper hand, so I think that’s going to be a factor that’s going to get us going—bulletin board material for sure. We believe we’re the better team, but we’ll see. It’s going to be a good game.
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