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Caps Community Mural

Volunteers and MSE employees came together with local artist to create a Caps community mural

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Nothing embodies we are ALLCAPS more than the community coming together to paint a D.C. Caps themed mural.

Over the course of two days, ten volunteers and MSE employees came together to paint the mural at Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School. 

The artist who designed the mural, Susan Schwerin, is a neuroscientist and amateur muralist from Rockville, MD who regularly teams up with local outreach and nonprofit groups to brighten up schools, playgrounds and parks. She collaborates with the sites to brainstorm the desired theme and then leads community volunteers to paint the mural she has designed.

While her motto is apparently "Go Big or Go Home" she also strives to include small details in every work. She was recently voted best artist in the DMV by her muse and husband Mike. The "ALL CAPS" mural hit a special milestone for Susan in that it was her 30th mural across Chicago and DC.

Susan's vision for the community mural was to tie together the Caps and the city of D.C. The painting's main focus is the puck being shot (located on the front wall) at the net and Holtby making "The Save" on the back wall.

She incorporated numerous charities and causes that the Caps support by having fans in the stands represent them. Those fans are from the military, the Caps Canines Calendar, LBGTQ supporters, and students from Ludlow-Taylor are incorporated into the stands. The sticks are also wrapped in various tapes to represent the causes that the Caps support. 

To further enforce the connection between the Caps and the city, Susan included the Capitol building and a cherry blossom tree. The corner wall has the Washington Monument as well as iconic D.C. row houses. And last but not least, Slapshot and a Weagle are lcoated on the bottom wall as well. 

Video: Community Mural

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