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Alumni Q&A: Chris Simon

Chris Simon played in the NHL and the KHL.

by Washington Capitals @Capitals /

Chris Simon played in the NHL and the KHL. ( What was your time with the Washington Capitals like? Any memories that stand out throughout your career?

Chris Simon (CS): Playing in Washington was a lot of fun for me. Looking back at that part of my career brings a smile to my face. It was then that I started to become the complete player that I knew I could be. The team and the fans were always great to me and it gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. You are still playing in a competitive league after over two decades in a sport that many people don't last one decade in. What do you attribute your success and longevity to?

CS: To be able to play hockey this long has a lot to do with my personal trainer, T.R. Goodman. He taught me what I needed to do to stay healthy with all the problems I had with my shoulder and back injuries. I think it was a lot of hard work and some luck too. After your NHL career you went to the KHL. What are some of the differences between the two leagues?

CS: The biggest difference is the size of the ice surface in the KHL - Olympic size - which is bigger than NHL rinks. There is less body checking and a lot more puck control in the KHL. How much longer would you like to play professional hockey?

CS: I will play until I am not enjoying the game or not get offered a contract; what else could be better than getting paid for something I would do for free? I love the game and the fans are the main reason I think all of us players enjoy this sport so much. Do you still keep in touch with any of your former Caps teammates?

CS: Some of the guys are on Facebook, but that is pretty much it. You are currently playing for Novokuznetsk Matllurg, what else are you up to overseas?

CS: When we get time off I try to go fishing or ice fishing, but we spend most of the days at the rink. I spend a lot of time at the rink. It's different here with all the practice, workout, video meetings and travel, we do not get much free time.

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