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A Donut Affair 🍩

An inpromptu donut challenge turned into a fun father-daughter story for the Oshies

by Taryn Bray @tarynbray /

A donut reward for scoring a goal? Yes, please!

Monday afternoon T.J. Oshie's wife Lauren posted a video on her Instagram stories of their three year old daughter Leni telling dad that she would get him a donut in return for scoring a goal against the Islanders. Watch the cute exchange below:

Tweet from @Capitals: get this man a donut! #TJ🍩shie @TJOshie77 #CapsDads

T.J. mentioned how they offer Leni similar deals for finishing all her dinner so she took that as inspiration for her deal with pops.  

"I didn't know if I was gonna be getting a donut," he said. 

Spoiler alert: he did. Midway through the second period T.J. scored off a beautiful one-timer to uphold his end of the bargain so it was up to Leni to keep hers.

People were extremely invested in the arrangment as Lauren reposted numerous fans on her Instagram stories saying it was donut time for T.J. after he scored.  

There was even a fan at the game who brought a donut related sign!

"It was pretty crazy actually last night and then this morning talking to Lauren, her mentioning how much her Instagram had blown up," T.J. said today.

Come Tuesday morning, everyone was awaiting anxiously to see if T.J. would get his donut. Lauren excited all Caps fans by showing Leni and dad getting their donuts.


Leni even brought the extra donuts they had to the team before practice Tuesday morning, making it a team affair. What started as a normal but adorable father-daughter exchange before a game, turned into a cute story Caps fans couldn't get enough of.

A special thanks to Dunkin' Donuts who surprised the Capitals office and T.J.'s family with specially designed Oshie donuts.

Tweet from @Capitals: Donut be jelly we have #TJ🍩shie donuts!Thanks to @DCDunkin for coming up with these awesome sweet treats for the Oshie fam this morning.#ALLCAPS

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