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1-4-10 Behind the Bench

by Staff Writer / Washington Capitals
Nobody likes to lose games and we have now gone three straight without a point. That has been pretty rare for us, but when it happens you need to take a step back and look at everything and build the players back up. In a losing streak players begin to lose confidence in their abilities as well. When something bad happens it is easy to slump your shoulders a bit more. It is important to get back on the horse when you are not used to losing.

Today, we went through a lot of stuff that makes us good and we went through a lot of positive film clips. We want to keep everything upbeat and get things back to where we were a week ago. I have not been involved in too many long losing streaks but this is the formula that I use to hopefully get out of them. We are also looking forward to getting back in front of our home crowd tomorrow. There will be a lot of enthusiasm and hopefully we will be a better team.

We had emotional wins against Buffalo and New Jersey before the Carolina game, but we should have been emotional against Carolina as well because they always play well against us. They just played better. They came out and scored early and often and we had to play catch up. We did not do the things that we are capable of doing, but they played a game that left us asking, “How are they in last place?”

We did not play that well in San Jose. After the first period in Los Angeles, I thought we played a really good game. That game was an uplifting loss, even though it is hard to imagine any loss to be uplifting. It was one of those cases where they had two or three chances to score after the first period. They got the break and put a goal in. We had at least twice as many chances as they did and could not score. Sometimes when you lose a few in a row people begin to squeeze the stick a bit tighter because you want everything to be perfect. It is the same as a baseball slump when the batter is swinging too hard. We have to come back and do what is natural and just play the game. It is easier said than done, but that is the way you get out of things.

Some people may think that a loss to a Western Conference opponent may not bother us as much because we only play those teams once or twice a year, but all losses hurt and truthfully you want a chance to redeem yourself when you lose to those teams. We want to play Los Angeles and San Jose again. We want to show San Jose that we are not the team that lost 5-2 to them. Pride and character make you want to play them again.
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