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"Alexa, ask The Capitals when they play next."


Download Alexa Skill
"Alexa, play my flash briefing?"


Download Flash Briefing

The Washington Capitals became the first professional sports team to unveil an Alexa Skill for Amazon's voice-controlled speaker market.

"The Capitals" Alexa Skill allows fans with an Amazon device (Echo, Echo-Dot and Echo Show) to ask "Alexa" specific questions including schedule, roster and statistical information about the Washington Capitals. In addition, the Capitals Skill has unique additions for fans including the ability to ask the Capitals to play the team's goal horn or to "Unleash the Fury" - a popular in-game experience from Capital One Arena.

The Capitals Flash Briefing is a popular method of delivering news through short audio messages that update daily featuring John Walton, radio voice of the Washington Capitals.

You can also listen to Caps Radio 24/7 on Echo devices through the TuneIn Radio application.

Sample Alexa questions include:

"Alexa, open The Capitals."

"Alexa, ask The Capitals how many goals Nicklas Backstrom has?"

"Alexa, tell The Capitals we just scored!"

"Alexa, ask The Capitals when they play next."

"Alexa, ask The Capitals what their record is."

"Alexa, tell The Capitals to Unleash the Fury!"

"Alexa, play Caps Radio 24/7"