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Slapshot School Shows

Feeling Great: Fitness, Nutrition & Fun

The Washington Capitals mascot Slapshot and his buddy DJ Jarrod are ready to bring fun and education to your school. 'Feeling Great' is a 50 minute assembly about nutrition, having fun and eating right. DJ Jarrod and Slapshot teach students lessons on healthy eating, exercise and playing for 60 minutes a day. Each assembly is jam packed with music, dancing, and games. A special appearance by Air Slapshot makes this assembly a can't miss. Geared for ages 4-13.


Reading is FUNdamental

This assembly will help you kick off any reading program, reading rally or book reading contest. Slapshot learns to love reading and to enjoy as many different types of books as possible. DJ Jarrod will help Slapshot venture into stories that help build new vocabulary, as well as entertain. Geared for ages 4-13.


Be a Buddy, not a Bully

DJ Jarrod and Slapshot are ready to teach students that bullying isn't what friends do, and that bullying is never tolerated. Slapshot and DJ Jarrod stress building friends over enemies and accepting other people for who they are. Each assembly teaches community and the importance of self-esteem .This assembly uses video, role playing, and interactive scenarios that allows the entire audience to join in. Geared for ages 4-13.


School Pep Rallies & Test Prep

Slapshot is ready to help the students for the big test, and we can customize the show for any state or county. Lesson plans, specialized curriculum points and school objectives will be written into each customized show.

Assembly pricing based on location & availability.