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Yensen or Jensen?

by Nicklas Jensen / Vancouver Canucks

I’m going to switch it up today and start with the fan question first.

Question: Now that you’re a few more days into camp, what have you learned about Yann?
He’s a really fun guy so it’s been a good experience staying with him. He has some experience so he’s really helped me out and told me about his time when he was here as a rookie too. He’s kind of like me in that we’re both pretty relaxed guys until you get us going and then we really get going.

He’s been so nice that there hasn’t been any rookie hazing at all but the camp’s not over yet – there are still a few days to go so we’ll see. He hasn’t made me set the alarm for when we get up in the morning or anything. He gets up early though – an hour before I want to wake up because he likes to have his shower and get up early but I’m used to it now. I can sleep through the noise now.

The accent barrier isn’t so bad, we’ve both understood each other pretty good. His English is quite good too even though I speak better but don’t tell him I said that.

Not sure what else I can say about him, except that he’s been a great roommate so far.

Question: What kind of music are you listening to right now?
I like everything. I don’t have a favourite pre-game song or anything like that. I’m usually fine with whatever the guys put on except the really hard rock that’s like screaming. Otherwise, I pretty much like everything.

My favourite band is a Danish band called Nephew. They mostly sing in Danish but they sing some English songs too. If you listen to them you’ll probably think they’re weird because you can’t understand them but I think they’re really good.

Question: How do you pronounce your last name?
It’s pronounced Yensen in Danish but I find it weird when the Canadians say Yensen so Jensen’s fine.

This is our first day without a game here so we just finished up a good practice and have the rest of the day free. We’ll just be relaxing for the rest of the day but we don’t have anything planned yet. I think Yann’s the boss today. It’s kind of nice to have an easy day so that we’ll be ready to go for tomorrow.

He’s probably the biggest inspiration I have.

We just have a practice tomorrow but no game so we’ll recover and get ready for the game on Wednesday.

Got any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts.

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