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What is it going to take?

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
In the middle of the Vancouver Canucks gym at Rogers Arena there’s a large Fathead of the Stanley Cup on a blue wall, with ‘What Is It Going To Take?’ written in white letters below.

The Canucks are still trying to figure out what it is going to take, but Tuesday morning it was clear the players won’t rest until they find the answer.

Alex Edler returned home to Sweden Wednesday and he was armed with a new summer workout regime after a training session Tuesday morning with Canucks strength & conditioning coach Roger Takahashi.

CanucksTV had cameras rolling to capture Edler’s new workout, but it was what played out between curls and squats and stretches that provided a look into where some of the core Canucks are at mentally these days.

They’re hungry.

While waiting for Edler in the gym, Chris Higgins strolled in; 37 RYP blue shirt, black shorts, white socks and shoes, just-rolled-outta-bed hair and that beard.

He went home to New York for a few weeks when the season ended, saw family and friends, attended his brother’s high school graduation and just relaxed. He’s back in Vancouver for June before returning to New York for most of July and August, but no matter where he is, training is top of mind.

Once Edler arrived, our focus shifted to him and his workout with Takahashi. Higgins faded to the background, putting in as much work during his 90 minute workout as I’ve ever seen.

Edler, hair tossed, blue Hockey Talks shirt, grey shorts and shoes, was put throught the paces on new exercises that focus a lot on core and shoulder strength. Takahashi filmed his workout on an iPad so Edler can observe proper technique this summer should need be.

Edler was mid-plank when, out of the blue, Daniel Sedin walked in. He saw the cameras and asked if he should take his shirt off.

He did not.

He did, however, just finish doing the Grouse Grind and was in need of a good stretch, which naturally led into a lengthy workout that might kill a lesser man.

Three Canucks working out as if training camp begins next week – but something was missing. It was all too serious.

Queue Kevin Bieksa.

The defenceman was heading for Disneyland Wednesday and wanted to torture his body before his ears were tortured with screams from thousands of over stimulated kids.

Bieksa was telling everyone about the upcoming family vacation when Daniel Sedin interrupted – “Working out with you is my Disneyland, Rog.”

Bieksa, glancing over at the camera filming Edler do a shoulder workout, bit his tongue and smirked. He wanted to jab back, he just didn't want it on camera.

Bieksa turned his attention to breathing when his 30-minute pre-workout stretching routine began; he’s currently working out twice a day and swimming to help rehab his body from a tough season.

Working through the ‘body injury’ he suffered late in the season has been “frustrating, but I’ve just got to keep putting the work in.”

Twenty-eight days after being knocked out of the 2013 NHL Playoffs and four Canucks were voluntarily putting themselves through rigorous workouts, workouts that have been going on for weeks and will quietly continue in the bowels of Canucks Headquarters until September.

As quickly as the guys arrived, they disappeared, but not before high-fives, handshakes and hugs were exchanged.

Regardless of where the players are this summer, they’ll keep in touch and they’ll be linked in their pursuit of putting the work in now, to reap the rewards later.

That's exactly what it is going to take.

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