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Welcome to Prince George

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
It was cool and rainy, yet the Vancouver Canucks received a warm welcome when they landed in Prince George, BC late Thursday.

Awaiting the team when they arrived were siblings Tayah and Talen Moulton, both wearing Canucks jerseys, holding signs. Welcome Prince was held up by 14-year-old Tayah and To George :) held by her 12-year-old brother Talen.

Welcome Prince? To George?

Welcome to Prince George! Of course!

“Our mom works here,” laughed Tayah, “that’s how we got out here.”

Even if their mom didn’t, Prince George Canucks fans like Tayah and Talen would have found a way to properly welcome the team to Northern BC anyway.

When the Canucks travel during the NHL season, the routine is pretty much the same as it was Thursday. Fly to a city, bus to a hotel, practice and play the next day before departing. This trip had the flight and the bus ride, but the Canucks won’t be dashing out until late Sunday. Between now and then: hockey, hockey, hockey and more hockey.

The 2015-16 NHL season is unofficially officially underway with the start of Canucks Training Camp, which opens Friday morning with goalies on the ice at 8 a.m. The schedule varies slightly each day, but there will be two ice sessions per group per day and more community events than you can imagine.

If you live in Prince George, be prepared to see Canucks left, right and centre.

Earlier Thursday morning the Canucks met the media and captain Henrik Sedin was asked what he hopes his team gets out of the three-day camp. He said it’s about being together as a group more than anything; gelling as a team and having some fun together is priority number one.

That began after dinner Thursday evening when the 58 players attending (five goalies, 20 defencemen and 33 forwards) were divided into eight groups and given a piece of paper and a pen. Trivia questions were shown on a projection screen at the front of the room and each team had to come up with an answer in 30 seconds. There were 40 questions total and yes, this was a Perry Pearn team-building event.

The mission was to loosen the guys up and begin the gelling process, while also testing the Canucks on everything from what fruit is to be avoided before and after surgery and what the EA in EA Sports stands for, to music trivia featuring Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Points were easy come, easy go, little high, little low and in the end the team of Canucks staff won, although there was some cell phone controversy towards the end of the night.

Then it was off to bed and now here we are, ready to begin the marathon hockey season.

Friday’s groups, listed in practice lines and D-pairs, are as follows:

Team Blue



Miller, Bachman & Witt

Team White



Markstrom & Cannata

Throughout camp is the only place to find extensive videos, feature stories and photos; for the latest news and behind the scenes moments from camp follow @VanCanucks on Twitter, Canucks on Instagram and VanCanucks on Snapchat.

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