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Fort Nucks: Bird Box

...the movie has taken the world and Canucks dressing room by storm

by Derek Jory @NoJoryous / Vancouver Canucks

Have you seen Bird Box? Over the holiday season I heard that more than Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - COMBINED.

Yes, I've seen Bird Box. It was front and centre when I hit the couch Boxing Day night. Little did I know that more than 45 million subscribers were tuning in within the first week of its release, giving Bird Box the most popular release in the streaming service's history.

Then the blindfolded Sanda Bullock memes began popping up everywhere. Next thing you know, Bird Box talk infiltrated the Canucks dressing room and was all the rage.

Back up, what's a Bird Box?

Good question.

The 2018 film, based on the 2014 book by the same name, penned by author Josh Malerman, premiered December 21st, just in time for Christmas when post-apocalyptic thriller films are in the highest demand. In the movie, people go crazy after seeing something outside - what that something is has sparked a huge Internet debate.

I loved the movie. So much so I went out and bought the book and I loved that even more. Upon my nagging, Canucks cameraman Paul Albi watched the movie and hated every second of it. I have since been calling him Bird Box as a nickname just to get a reaction.

During Vancouver's practice day in Ottawa earlier this trip, we decided to ask the players what they thought of it. Love it? Hate it? And who would you want on your side if the premise of Bird Box became a reality?

Hilarity ensued.

Video: Hutton, Virtanen and Boeser discuss Bird Box movie

Forget the Bird Box Challenge, I want to find something Ben Hutton and Jake Virtanen agree on.

Challenge accepted!

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