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Fort Nucks: Air Canucks Seatmates

...who sits where and why?

by Derek Jory @NoJoryous / Vancouver Canucks

It happens whether we like it or not and it's unavoidable.  

When you board an airplane, regardless of the destination and whether it's for work or pleasure, you're assigned a seat and you sit in it. If you're early to board, you watch as others flood into the plane awaiting a seatmate; if you're anything like me, it becomes a game.

Tall man walking down the aisle - brain: nah, he'd take up too much space.

Lady with a dog in a purse nears - brain: animal baby talk and/or barking dog, no thank you!

Mom with screaming child - brain: don't even make eye contact.

Old man who looks like he loves to chat - brain: I can't crush season 3 of Golden Girls if I'm yapping the entire flight. 

Oh quit acting like a saint, you do it too, I'm just being honest about it! Either way, the choice of who your seatmate is was determined by the airline, somehow. Maybe the people who booked the earliest are up front and last minute bookers at the back? Maybe it's random? Perhaps it has to do with astrological signs?! Point is, buckle up, this is what's up for the flight. 

Is it the same on Air Canucks? Are there good and bad seatmates? Do the guys choose? Can they switch? The world needs answers. 

We entrusted Brandon Sutter to investigate.  

Video: Find out what the Canucks think of their seatmates 

In conclusion, Brendan Gaunce and Sam Gagner feel neglected by their seatmates, Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi, who opt to spend quality time with Game of Thrones and Narcos instead of taking part in some good ol' gobbledygook. 

As Derek Dorsett, Sutter's seatmate, points out in the video, it's nice to have someone to sit with, buuuuut two seats would be nice too. "I'd like to go Hank style and have no one beside me!"  

Air Canucks works on a veteran based system. Henrik Sedin has two seats to himself; he's the captain and clearly needs the space for his captain accessories. No arguments presented.  

After that it's kind of a first-come, first-serve basis for seating, which works itself out at the beginning of the season. If you and your seatmate are returning to the team, you return to your seats. Easy.  

The system works well for the most part, with one change requested by Gagner, who hears quite a bit of chirping from someone in his row. "I'd move Dorsett right to the front of the plane," he laughed. "See ya later Dorse." 

Gagner family take note: Sam would like some noise-cancelling headphones for Christmas.

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