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Uniglobe Road Trip Diary - Feb.14.07

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks


We asked Jeff Cowan to share some details from the road so we can get to know him a little better, and he didn't disappoint! Jeff reveals insider information on the guy's poker styles and which teammate can sleep through his snoring.


Today we are en route to Minnesota. We play there tomorrow night and then it's off to Chicago before returning to Vancouver for the weekend.

Passing time on the plane is a necessity. I watched 'Jackass 2' on my portable DVD player today - very funny! An iPOD is also a necessity on the road. I don't really have any favorites where music is concerned, I kind of listen to everything: rock, heavy metal, country, dance and even some relaxation music - it all depends on the day.

And there's always a poker game on the plane, and it's always the same guys playing - Willie (only plays good hands), Burrs (very loose), Juice (tight but aggressive), Greener (loose aggressive), Moe (very aggressive) and myself (I don't want to give it away). Needless to say, poker on the road is very entertaining!

I just picked up the PGA 2007 Official Tour Guide - it's awesome. I love to play and watch golf, and this magazine is a great guide for the 2007 season. I read it between poker games - ha!

With Kesler out (we really miss him) I have started rooming with Alex Burrows, and it's actually perfect - we have the same game day routine and he can sleep through my snoring.

When we're on the road I do start to miss home, and I really miss my girlfriend Leighann but there are a lot of positives as well. Being on the road is great for team bonding.

It's nice to be able to hang out with your teammates and dine out at great restaurants. In Calgary we all went to Saltlik for a Superbowl party - it was good food and good times with the team.

Funny story: before we went to Saltlik's we all went to the YMCA gym in Calgary which was right beside our hotel. After a pretty good workout Kevin Bieksa could not for the life of him get back into his locker. It seems as though someone switched his lock. I think he's still trying to figure out who the culprit is...

Well we are about to land so I should sign off, I will check in again soon from the road and update you whose dominating the poker table and whether or not Juice has figured out who snatched his lock in Calgary.

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