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Uniglobe road trip diary - Bernier

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

We asked Steve Bernier to share some details with us from the road - and he didn't disappoint. Bernier gives us the insider's perspective on the Canucks road trip.

It’s only my fourth year in the NHL but with most of that time in the Western conference, there has been a lot of travel. Despite all the places I’ve had to fly with my teams, I still get a little nervous on the plane. We have an awesome crew and everything but I don’t know why I still feel that way.

This trip has been a long one and we’re playing a lot of game in a short amount of time but it’s a good feeling on the plane and in the room so I’m not complaining. My first road trip ever was when I was with the Sharks and we went to Anaheim - not a huge road trip and not really much travel involved but for me, I was still amazed with everything. When you’re 20 years old coming to the NHL, everything that is here is incredible and you can’t believe everything that is happening is actually real so even though the trip was just to Anaheim, it was great.

Now that I’m with Vancouver, our trips are much longer than that - even for divisional games. I mean, we have to leave the time zone every time we play a divisional opponent and adjusting to that still isn’t fun.

Colorado is difficult because of the altitude but I always get a good feeling playing them. I grew up in Quebec City, so of course, my favourite team was the Quebec Nordiques and even though they moved to Colorado now, it’s almost like playing the Nordiques so it’s cool. Of course, the best part is when we beat them though - I always like that part.

It’s been said before and maybe too many times but the best part really is when we get time to visit each new city with the team and trying out new restaurants.

We always have such a crazy schedule on the road so it’s hard trying to keep a good balance between hockey and the tourist part because we want to keep the energy high without draining ourselves and we want to be relaxed so we can play a good game too.

I always love going back East because my family is there and I get to see them, which is always good and it’s exciting whenever Canadian teams play each other anyway. I really miss all of them, so I make an effort to see them whenever I’m back in Eastern Canada. Since I grew up watching these teams play on TV, I really enjoy being in those buildings but I always dreamed one day I’d be on the ice playing hockey there too.

After almost nine months in Vancouver, I still can’t believe how beautiful this city is. I can’t stress enough how amazing everyone in this city is and how much they’re into the Vancouver Canucks.

Vancouver actually used to be one of my favourite vacation spots but now it’s been home and it definitely makes playing here more fun and everyday I get more comfortable.

People always say that there isn’t much snow in Vancouver but this year, there was snow in March but being from Quebec I can handle it.

One more game to go on the road trip and the team is hoping to come home with another two points. The effort in the last two games have been awesome and I just want the same thing to continue.
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