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Uniglobe Road Trip Diary - Alex Burrows

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

We asked Alex Burrows to share some details with us from the road - and he didn't disappoint. Alex gives us the insider's perspective on the Canucks road trip.

An 82 game schedule is tough but when 42 of those are on the road, it’s just that much harder.  I’m sure you’ve all heard it before but being in the Western Conference, we have to travel into a couple of different time zones whenever we get on the road. 

Of course, there’s always the California teams but that’s it, as far as staying in our time zone.  Because of the way the schedule is set up, we play divisional teams 16 times on the road and none of those teams are in the same time zone as us so it definitely takes a toll on our bodies.

But while there are down sides, I’m playing in the NHL, so I really can’t complain.  But the reason I brought that up is that this past road trip was probably one of the best because we got to bring our dads along with us.  So even in the midst of trying to make the post-season, we get to spend some time with family, which is always nice since we don’t normally get to that very often. 

We are so far from each other most of the year so it’s nice to be able to spend a few days non-stop together.  My dad has always been around supporting my hockey career but it’s the first time he’s actually traveled with the team and staying at the same hotel and all that.  It’s nice to give back to him and paying for his expenses and meals… for once.

My dad has been great helping me throughout my career and in a lot of different ways.  He used to drive me everywhere for practices, games, tournaments, you name it.  Hockey is also an expensive sport and he has spent a lot of money but most importantly he’s taken so much time following me around during my career.  I’m very thankful to have that kind of support from him.  I’m glad he got to watch us play and I’m even happier that we pulled out a couple of wins for all the dads.  

He’s really taking this life on the road thing very well.  He’s adjusted just fine and he absolutely loves it.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having this kind of trip every year.  And since it produced such good results, we wouldn’t mind it either.

Our routines didn’t change too much with our dads around so they really got to see what life on the road was like for us.  On the plane, I’m usually around the poker table with some of the guys but my dad doesn’t really play so he kind of just sat back and watched. One of poker regulars has been missing for a while but on his first trip back with the team, Kevin Bieksa was business as usual at the card table and his dad joined in too.  Willie and I played the Bieksas and, well I have to say they’re struggling… maybe he’s a little rusty.

As far as roommates go, this year I’m with Taylor Pyatt, which is quite a change from Ryan Kesler and Jeff Cowan, who I was with last year.  Taylor’s a bit quieter than the other two that’s for sure and it’s also tougher to name any bad habits of his.  The best quality about having him around is that we have the same schedule, as far as when we go to bed or wake up in the morning so that always makes for a good arrangement. 

Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this but Jeff was a bit of a snorer… but luckily, I’m a heavy sleeper so it didn’t really bother me but if it did, I might have kicked him out.  Although, he’s aware of his habit and actually provides ear plugs for his roommate.  I’d say that’s pretty good.
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