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Uniglobe Road Trip Diary - Aaron Miller

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

We asked Aaron Miller to share some details with us from the road - and he didn't disappoint. Aaron gives us the insider's perspective on the Canucks road trip.

This road trip has been tough and filled with highs and lows, playing every other day and kicking it off with a win in St. Louis, then losing in Columbus.

We are on our way now to pay a visit to the recently slumping Detroit Red Wings (and when I say slumping, I mean their last three games). Regardless of their recent record, Detroit is always a difficult team to play and we’ll have to make sure that we’re all up for this game. Playing a team that’s lost just six times on their home rink is no easy feat.

 When people ask about road trips, the roommate question is always very popular and I’m sorry to disappoint but there’s no roommate story here. I’ve paid my dues and don’t get me wrong, having a roommate is good too but I had the option to room alone this year, and I took it. I thought it would be good to focus and have some down time but besides that, I am always the funniest and best looking guy in that room!

After playing half a season with a new team, I guess I’ve been doing some reflecting lately and have really taken into account some of the major differences between Vancouver and LA. The biggest difference for me has been the involvement of both media and fans. In LA we were shocked to have five or more reporters after a big game, very unlike the media circus here after a practice!

The other difference is the fans. Vancouver has always been known for having great fans, but until you play here and are involved in the culture it is hard to fully appreciate their support. I think the Ultimate Canucks Search is cool, where fans can submit pictures and videos of themselves. There are some pretty funny and imaginative ideas out there. Everything in this city reminds me of hockey and the team. You see flags, t shirts and jerseys pretty much everywhere you go, it’s great! LA has the Lakers, Clippers, and Dogers to compete with in the sports market, so it’s much more difficult to get any attention to the Kings. I am happy to be in a true hockey market.

Some of the guys give me a hard time when it comes to my reading material on road trips. When you live in LA, it’s so hard not to get caught up in all the Hollywood gossip, so I can justify bringing US Weekly, People and Star magazines with me on this trip. Recently I have been following the whole Britney Spears saga. It’s a shame that they put so much media attention on someone’s problems like that, I really hope she can turn things around. When I am not ripping through the pages of these magazines I usually kick back and watch DVD’s. I have almost made it through the complete series of Prison Break, and just saw 3:10 to Yuma, what a great flick that was!

I am looking forward to the All-Star break because I get a chance to spend some time with my family. We’re all going to head up to Whistler for a few days. It will be great to enjoy a perfect day of lounging around and playing Guitar Hero with my kids.

After that, it’s back to business, and getting back to the grind. We’ve got a division title to defend! It’s not going to be easy though, what with all the teams so close in the standings. One game or even one point could be the difference between post-season action of an early summer. I’m hoping for us, it’s going to be a long season. Things aren’t always going to be perfect, but if you come to the rink each day and have a good time, it is a lot less work and tons more fun.
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