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Trip Down Memory Lane - Part 3

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Unless you've spent a lot of time hanging around the rink, you probably haven't heard of Norm Jewison.

He's currently the Senior Editor and Alumni Liaison with the Canucks - though his tenure stretches all the way back to 1977 and touches just about every role with the team, save for coach or general manager.

Jewison is like a living Vancouver Canucks archive.

Hockey's evolved over the years and Norm will be the first one to tell you how different things are now.

Can you ever imagine Jeff Paterson walking into Dave Nonis' office interrupting what could be a crucial phone call?

Nope. It just wouldn't happen but it did - at one time.

Jewison knows this firsthand. He's been through it all with the Canucks for three decades now and knows about all the highs and lows.

He names a current Canuck as the consummate Canuck and although Jewison has never dawned the Canuck "V" or the skate, he may be the consummate Canuck in his own right.

He's about to retire this summer after 30 years, and in an attempt to get a few of the tales down on the record before he writes a book of his own, Jeff Paterson sat down with Norm.

In the finale of a three-part series, Jeff and Norm talk about the game, the way it's covered and the way it's evolved over the years.

Part 1
Jewison reflects on the 25th anniversary of the Canucks run to the Stanley Cup final in 1982.
Part 2
Jewison takes you back to the '94 Playoff run and a young Pavel Bure, fresh into the league.

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