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Trip Down Memory Lane - Part 2

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Unless you've spent a lot of time hanging around the rink, you probably haven't heard of Norm Jewison.

He's currently the Senior Editor and Alumni Liaison with the Canucks - though his tenure stretches all the way back to 1977 and touches just about every role with the team, save for coach or general manager.

Jewison is like a living Vancouver Canucks archive.

It's impossible to sum it all up in a few sentences - though even a brief chat over coffee gives you a fairly good idea of just how big a part of the Canucks he's been over the past 30 years.

Back in the late 80's, during his second decade with the Canucks, he was regularly traveling with the team as the media liaison.

"I think it was in St. Louis," he says. "I'm pretty sure they were the first team to have a goal horn. We had to get one of those."

Jewison's neighbour worked for a local marine company. The two went scavenging through an old warehouse down on river road one lunch hour and unearthed a discarded horn from a defunct tugboat called the Riv-Tow Lion.

"The guy there had two wires hooked up to the horn and he touched the ends to this old car-type battery; it just about blew the roof off."

Jewison had a few guys from the PNE rig it up in the rafters of the Pacific Coliseum and the Canucks goal horn was born.

"They hooked it up with a nitrogen cylinder and it was connected to a light switch in the broadcast booth. I'd just lean over and flick it on and off whenever we scored."

That's just one of the stories in the Jewison vault.

He's about to retire this summer after 30 years, and in an attempt to get a few of the tales down on the record before he writes a book of his own, Jeff Paterson sat down with Norm.

In part two of a three-part series, Jeff and Norm reflect on the '94 playoff run.

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