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Training Camp Live-Blog: Day 1

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Welcome to the blog, again, my name is still Derek Jory, you may remember me from such live blogs as the 2011 Young Stars Tournament. Good times. This weekend I'm up in the press box at Rogers Arena bringing you the latest and greatest from training camp.

If you've got any questions, comments, complaints or if any Nigerian kings need my help to access a large sum of money in a foreign bank account, money that we would then split 50/50, email me.

Let's do this.

8:55 a.m. -- Well, here goes nothing. I'm back up in the press box, back in seat 29, my baby. Just a reminder that you can watch all of today's events live on You're welcome.

8:57 a.m. -- There's nothing worse than showing up for work only to hear Party Rock by LMFAO pumping. Turn it off, please turn it off!

9:00 a.m. -- There are roughly 2,000 fans in attendance today and they are cheering for EVERYTHING. Joey Kenward just took to the microphone to welcome them and they cheered him on like he was a member of the Backstreet Boys. I've seen him in some flowery shirts lately actually, maybe he is?

9:18 a.m. -- Here's the line-up for Group A: 22 Daniel - 39 Hodgson - 38 Oreskovich/79 Duco - 45 Schroeder - 14 Burrows/15 Sturm - 48 Stefan Schneider - 46 Jensen/13 Pinizzotto - 18 Begin - 36 Hansen; D pairings are: 47 Sauve - 3 Bieksa/52 Sulzer - 6 Salo/61 Connauton - 29 Rome/5 Eriksson - 2 Hamhuis; Roberto Luongo and Eddie Lack are the goaltenders.

9:26 a.m. -- So far the Canucks are taking part in drills, which the fans can't get enough of. During a stoppage in play Rick Bowness was scribbling instructions on the whiteboard, he would not be a good Pictionary player. Ummmm, scribbly line?

9:31 a.m. -- After a summer of resting his voice, coach Alain Vigneault just showed glimpses of what he's capable of with a fine yell during a 3-on-2 drill. He barely had a voice during the Cup Final, so it's great to see him back in full form.

9:38 a.m. -- Alex Burrows just scored his nicest goal of training camp, a water bottle rocker on Lack. You guessed it, the fans went crazy. YOU'RE SEXY BURROWS. Someone actually yelled that. It's too early for that.

9:41 a.m. -- Zamboni time. Hosea Cheung from 24Hours is spending the break by reading this live blog. Awkward. He might as well be creeping me on Facebook.

10:00 a.m. -- I can't speak for the other reporters covering this event, but I find it really difficult to tell who stands out during drills. I need to see some scrimmaging. Some action. Something fierce.

10:17 a.m. -- The Canucks are now scrimmaging at 5-on-5, just half ice though. I'm keeping an eye on Duco, Pinizzotto (great name), Begin and Jensen.

10:20 a.m. -- Speaking of Pinizzotto (great name), he just blocked a hard point shot from Dan Hamhuis. No guts, no glory. Nice block.

10:25 a.m. -- Oh you didn't know? The Canucks unveiled a new curved glass system for 2011.12 season. Safety first.

10:29 a.m. -- One-on-one drills. Kevin Bieksa vs. Cody Hodgson was the highlight. First Hodgson rode Bieksa into the boards, hard. Next time up Bieksa flipped the puck over Hodgson as a trick play. Best part of the morning so far.

10:33 a.m. -- Zamboni time. Again. Dang this live-blog is thrilling!

10:50 a.m. -- And I thought LMFAO was bad. Don't Stop Believing is playing. No, no, not the Journey version, this is by Glee and my ears are bleeding.

10:55 a.m. -- It's officially back-to-back Glee now.

10:59 a.m. -- Glee marathon. Please come back to the ice Canucks, I beg you.

12:12 p.m. -- No I didn't fall asleep, I was in the locker room getting quotes from Group A. Group B is now on the ice, I'll dig the lines up in a minute.

12:13 p.m. -- 49 Archibald - 33 Henrik - 24 Mancari/43 Rodin - 20 Higgins - 26 Samuelsson/55 Fedoruk - 25 Ebbett - 77 Nolan/54 Volpatti - 40 Lapierre - 80 Dimitrakos; on D: 4 Ballard - 8 Tanev/23 Edler - 41 Alberts/ 7 Parent - 58 Corrado, 63 Polasek - 50 Erixon; 34 Legace and 35 Schneider in net.

12:29 p.m. -- I spoke with Jordan Schroeder, Aaron Rome, Cody Hodgson and Marco Sturm during media availability and a full Canucks Report is in the works, but I wanted to share a great quote from Sturm. This guy is hungry. "I just want to be the player I was before my injuries and that’s going to be my goal. For now, my knees feel great, I just try to get the rhythm again."

12:53 p.m. -- I'm still transcribing quotes while keeping an eye on Group B below. Aaron Volpatti just blocked a Keith Ballard zinger; I think Volpatti is french for warrior. I'm nearly done writing, got some good stuff from Aaron Rome about his difficult summer after being forced to sit out the final four games of the Stanley Cup Final. No comment.

1:12 p.m. -- Just as Group B wraps up their practice, I've published my Canucks Report for the day. Sturm is all good, Schroeder and Hodgson try to put their best foot forward and Rome looks past his suspension.

1:14 p.m. -- A group of fans just yelled JORY and when I waved, they cheered. I am still red and it was like five minutes ago. Geez. Now I know how Z-list celebrities out there feel!

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