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ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor - Vroom, Vroom

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Pimp my ride indeed.

In the spirit of the NHL playoffs, a local marketing, design and print production company in Richmond, BC, created the definitive Vancouver Canucks car.

Heading into Vancouver’s 40th anniversary season, Jacob Ung and his team of 12 planned on building a car as a tribute to the momentous year, but the needs of their clients came first and before long the calendar read April.

Once the playoffs began the idea was revived, only to be put on the backburner again with the Canucks opening up a decisive 3-0 lead against the Chicago Blackhawks in Round 1.

Then Game 4 happened.

Then Game 5 happened.

Then the Ultimate Fan Car Project happened.

Ung and company, feeling the despair in Canucks Nation, could take no more and the Ultimate Fan Car Project became the biggest priority. A full team effort of measuring, creating and installing the graphics and a few late nights over the Easter weekend and a two-door, V6, rear-wheel drive coupé sports car, that can reach speeds of 307 kilometers an hour, was completely Canucked and ready to roll for Game 7.

A few quick photos at Whitebox Studios and the car was driven straight to Rogers Arena before circling downtown a handful of times to get fans amped up. Of course everyone wanted their picture with the awesome auto and that’s when fans got an up-close look at the basic beauty of the car.

“We decided to keep the design relatively simple, drawing inspiration from the Canucks’ hockey jerseys,” said Ung, 42.

The car is white with a black roof and spoiler; green and blue racing stripes (identical to the band around the bottom of Vancouver’s road jerseys) run along the top of the hood and trunk and along both sides of the car.

‘Go Vancouver Canucks’ is written on both doors, with ‘We Are All Canucks’ below it, while ‘Believe’ appears on the spoiler and ‘This Is What We Live For’ is sneakily placed on the rear between the tailpipes.

Every Canucks logo except the Flying V and Flying Skate are present someone on the car, as are name and number decals for Henrik Sedin (driver’s side door), Daniel Sedin (passenger’s side door), Ryan Kesler (back left before the spoiler) and Roberto Luongo (top upper right side of the hood).

The devil is in the details and if you don’t look closely, one of the best features of the car can pass you by.

Near the rearview mirror on both the driver’s side and passenger doors there are ‘kill decals’ that represent each Canucks win. For Game 7 there were three Blackhawks logo x’ed out, now there are four.

“After watching the all-exciting Game 7 and almost having a cardiac arrest in the process, we held a small impromptu mini-ceremony to place the fourth and final Blackhawks kill decal on the car amongst some fans in Yaletown,” said Ung, who watched the game at a restaurant with friends.

There are now two Nashville Predators kill decals on both doors and hopefully two more to follow before four more follow before four more follow before a parade follows?

“We hope that the car can be a part of having Vancouver believe that this is the year we bring home the Stanley Cup. So three more rounds to go, and a bunch more 'kill decals' to add. We would also like to bring some added recognition for other members of the Canucks, and not just their leaders.”

If I can make a request, and I think I speak for most Canucks fans, it’s that Alex Burrows be added to the car. His overtime golden goal in Game 7 is why we’re still able to talk Canucks hockey.

One more request, if I may: can I drive it?

The Canucks Car has been added to the mosaic at, can you find it?

Car photos courtesy of Karla Lim

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