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ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor - Royal Canucks

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

It’s been two weeks since the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and in that time the video of a Vancouver Canucks flag being waved during the ceremony has taken on a highly debated life of its own.

Is it real, and if so, whodunit?

Or is it simply computer-generated tomfoolery?

Elisa Fung has the answer because Elisa Fung is the answer.

That’s Fung waving the flag from the 33 to 37 second mark of the video in question, moments after William and Catherine became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The flag is real, as real as Fung’s love for the Canucks.

Her journey to Westminster Abbey in London, England, began with an invitation to a different wedding, also in England, scheduled for a few weeks prior to the Royal Wedding. The 26-year-old from Burnaby, BC, who works as an administrative assistant with JRS Engineering, decided she and her boyfriend, James Golding, would make a trip of it, attending both weddings and visiting Ireland and Wales along the way.

With accommodations booked it was on to more important details for Fung, mainly how she was going to get on television and how she could show Canucks pride at the same time?

“I just kept thinking that I’ve got to get myself on TV, every media outlet will be there, I have to get on TV,” laughed Fung, a devoted Canucks fan. “I knew there would be a lot of Canadian and British flags, so I didn’t need that, but with the Canucks in the playoffs after just winning the Presidents’ Trophy, it just made sense. Plus I had a Canucks flag, a giant one, so I was all set.”

Convincing her boyfriend wasn’t difficult as he’s also a keen Canucks supporter, despite an English upbringing filled with soccer and football. Golding fell in love with Vancouver, both the city and the team, after catching a game on holiday many moons ago and that made backing Fung’s idea a no-brainer.

The pair took in the Royal Wedding from Trafalgar Square where it was shown on massive screens and at key moments during the ceremony, the thousands of supporters gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion would throw their hands and flags in the air and cheer.

Guessing cameras might pan her way during one of the cheering sessions, Fung made of the most them waving her Canucks flag as if the actual Canucks were driving by, silver trophy in hand.

“I didn’t have any reserve at all, I was just like ‘get out of my way, my flag is better than yours,’ Fung quipped.

“This was the only way I knew how to get on TV so my friends, family and co-workers could see me there and to show and spread my Canucks pride.”

It certainly did the trick.

Although Fung got a few crooked looks from those unfamiliar with the logo, she was approached by numerous Canucks fans after the ceremony ended, many of whom saw the flag from a distance and took the time to wade through the masses to find it.

Pictures were taken, stories were shared and at the end of the day, Canucks fans all gathered at Maple Leaf Pub - 'A Small Piece of Canada in the Heart of London' – to watch Vancouver play.

Overall, Fung said it was a surreal experience being at the biggest Royal Wedding in 30 years, one watched by an estimated two billion people worldwide.

Elisa and James celebrated their two-year anniversary on the trip, but they have no plans for their own wedding, royal or regular, any time soon.

“We are definitely not at that stage at the moment, there’s more things we want to accomplish in life, but maybe one day.”

She’s just saying that James. Take Beyonce’s advice and put a ring on it. She’s fan enough to show off her love for the Canucks to the world, so she’s a keeper, there’s no debating that.

The royal Canucks couple have been added to the mosaic at, can you find them?

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