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ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor - Cutest little Canucks

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
April 13, 2011


By Derek Jory

Mika Inokoshi's two biggest loves are the Vancouver Canucks and Japan.

Mika’s parents immigrated to Canada 40 years ago so she is deeply rooted to the Land of the rising sun, she even experienced Japan first-hand for a few years in her early 20s as a student.

Like all of us, Mika was devastated when one of the most powerful earthquakes on record rocked Japan and triggered a tsunami with waves as high as 125-feet. Looking for a way to give back, Mika, a natural light baby photographer, turned to her love for the Canucks.

“One of the biggest requests I get is people asking if they can bring Canucks stuff for their kids to wear,” said Mika, a professional shutterbug of three years. “That’s what led to this idea.”

In early April Mika held the Cutest Little Canucks Fundraiser for Japan where she donated her time to capture the excitement and innocence of tiny Canucks fans, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross in support of Japan’s earthquake/tsunami relief effort.

Before Mika knew it, her entire afternoon was booked with 16 babies and toddlers and two dogs.

One of those babies, an 11-month-old named Denver who routinely leaves his hapless dad in tears with radioactively rancid diapers, is my son, pictured at the top leaning against the chair with his Blue Steel pose.

Denver has been added to the mosaic at, along with all the other adorable babies, toddlers and dogs, each with a blurb from their parents about their growing love for the Canucks and playoff hockey.

Can you find them all?

Visit Mika's blog to see more photos and to watch a behind the video of the shoot, which raised over $1,500.

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