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ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor - Canucks art

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
April 20, 2011


By Derek Jory

Based on his resume, you’d assume Saul Miller barely has time to sleep, let alone paint.

Miller, a performance specialist consulting in sport, business, health care and the arts who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, has spent the past 25 years working as a mental coach to help enhance performance. The St. Louis Rams, Seattle Mariners, LA Clippers, BC Lions and Vancouver Canucks have all benefited from his work in the past and he’s currently helping the Medicine Hat Tigers as they compete for WHL supremacy.

In addition to working with business clients, Miller has also written more books than I’ve ever read, eight in total.

On top of all this, Miller paints. He has for over 35 years. His love of the arts began as a cartoonist in high school before cartooning for the McGill Daily in university.

He may not work with the Canucks anymore, but that hasn’t stopped Miller from using the team as a muse for his work.

Here are three of Miller’s favourite pieces.

Twin Spirit

“I think that the Sedins are outstanding guys and two of the finest players in the game. But it’s not just that they’re good players, Kesler is a good player, Burrows is a good player. These guys really are twins, they play together, they know where the other is, and they’re attached to each other. I was in Mexico and I picked up these little cherub heads and two of them were twins and I knew right away that I had to create the Sedins out of it.”

Yin Yang

(pictured above)

“I’ve done a lot of paintings with that yin-yang theme; I think it’s a great concept with the polar opposites. It’s the good guy and the bad guy, depending on what team you’re for, one guy is the light guy, the other guy is the dark guy and it was a yin-yang hockey fight, they dynamism and the opposition of good and bad. It was playing with that symbol and relating to that clash of energy in the game.”

Winger with Cup

“This is a painting I did several years ago, as you can tell by the uniform. I was working with the Canucks at the time and one of the guys I got to know the best was Mattias Ohlund. I wanted to do an icon photo that showed how we put these guys on a pedestal and treat them like Gods, so to speak. Then I wanted to tie in the Canucks colours and the orca and also the Swedish entity within the team. When I finished it I took it over to show Mattias and when his wife opened the door, she said “that’s Daniel Sedin.” Then I saw it, it looks a little Sedin-ish and that honestly was not my intension.”

One of Miller’s paintings has been added to the mosaic at, can you find it?

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