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The Place To Be

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Jeff Cowan doesn’t have to wait any more. While fans and media-alike were debating whether Cowan would be waiting for free agency to open up on July 1st to sign or if he would test the market at all.

The affectionately nicknamed, “Bra-Barian”, will be back in a Canucks jersey for another two years. While the look of the jersey is yet to be determined, one thing’s for sure is that Cowan is glad to be back.

Were you tempted to wait until Sunday (July 1st) to test free agency?

There’s always a temptation – the thought is there – throughout the process of negotiations but every time that thought crept in, it wasn’t very long. It was a quick decision to go back and Vancouver’s the place where I want to be. From day one at the start of the negotiation, that was my main place and that’s where I really wanted to be.

Was term as important as anything considering where you are in your career?

Term was definitely one of the issues in the negotiations, we definitely wanted at least a two-year. We had originally tried to get a three-year deal out of it but the two-year was the way it panned out. I’m really excited to be back in Vancouver and to have that done. To be able to come to Vancouver and be part of a great organization and be part of it for a couple of years, hopefully.

Not knowing what could’ve happened if you waited until free agency, do wonder what could’ve happened?

I think that’s something you have to consider as well. I think there definitely was a marketplace out there for myself but at the same time Vancouver was where I really wanted to be and it’s great to be back in Canada. I got a taste of it last year and a taste of the playoffs, which was really nice. That’s really where I wanted to be so I’m very happy right now.

Can you talk a little about how nicely you fit in with the way Alain Vigneault ran things this year?

I really respect his coaching style, the way he coaches and I think for a player like myself it really helps my game out when you have a coach that’s not afraid to give you opportunity if you play well. He lets you play with some other players that maybe have more skill and that gives my game a little bit of a boost. When you have a coach like that and you’re able to do that, it’s always nice to have.

Did that weigh heavily in your decision to come back?

Definitely, that was part of the decision making process. You have to weigh all that and it seemed like every time I tried to go the other way, it always seemed very brief and it always came back that Vancouver’s where I really wanted to be. The organization’s great, the people around are great, and the fans are great too so it’s really where I wanted to be.

Do you know of anything else happening with other teams?

Nothing that [my agent or I] knew of. You can’t really test the market or really talk to anyone in the process. There were no real deals or anything that we really knew of.
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