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The other Cory Schneider

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

A few years ago Cory Schneider thought it would be a good idea to start a Twitter account and @CorySchneider was born.

Then things got weird.

“All of the sudden I started getting a bunch of people following me and I had no idea why or who they were,” said Schneider. “So I started looking into it and I realized they were all from Vancouver and that they were all looking for a different Cory Schneider.”

They were looking for that Cory, not this Cory. This Cory is a 39-year-old associate lawyer in Toronto, originally from Montreal.

Meet the other Cory Schneider.

During a rainy afternoon at Canucks headquarters earlier this week I was trying to come up with some new story ideas when I had to look up a friend’s home number on Canada411. That led to a search of my own name and snowballed into a hunt for other Canadians sharing the same names as the Vancouver Canucks.

Four names were a match: David Booth, Alexandre Burrows, Chris Higgins and Cory Schneider.

David Booth and Chris Higgins are apparently popular names in our home and native land, while Alex Burrows and Cory Schneider came up just once.

The other Alex Burrows, allegedly living in Quebec, home to Vancouver’s Alex Burrows, was either on the phone all day and doesn’t have call-waiting, or the number is out of service.

My call to Cory Schneider, on the other hand, rang through and after an awkward conversation with his wife (I’m calling to speak to your husband about having the same name as a Canuck!), I had another uncomfortable discussion, this time with Cory Schneider himself.

Can you believe he was a tad reserved and extremely cautious about giving out personal information to a stranger cold calling him at the office in the middle of the afternoon from across the country???

Oh, right, it was the creepiest phone call he’ll have all year.

After some persuading (I swear I don’t want to sell you anything, but as an aside the Egg Genie really works wonders if your soft boiled eggs are too hard or your hard boiled eggs are too soft) Cory opened up to reveal some startling facts.

He’s not a hockey fan. It’s nothing personal against the sport, it simply wasn’t around much while he was growing up. That being said, he does attend Toronto Maple Leafs games now and again, always cheering for the other guy.

“I live in Leafsnation but I’m definitely not a Leafs fan,” he laughed. “I don’t know, I don’t really come from a big sports focused family, but I’ve got nothing against hockey, I go to games every once and a while and I was rooting for Vancouver’s Cory Schneider when he was in the Stanley Cup playoffs last year.”

Welcome back to the good books.

After Cory sent out a few tweets regarding legal issues, Canucks fans were quick to unfollow his account, but Cory admitted he did some research on the Canucks’ Schneider. The two are now friends on Facebook – how could they not be – and a third Cory Schneider was even found, an actor from Texas whose roles include One Night Stand and Drug Dealer. He can be the other other Cory Schneider.

As for this Cory, he pointed out that he technically had the name first, but he’s happy to share it with the Vancouver goaltender.

“It’s been good to me so far,” said the father of three girls.

The Canucks’ Cory has a knack for making big saves and plenty of them; he accumulated 22 in a 5-2 win over the Minnesota Wild Thursday night. This Cory, to his credit, has made a save the puckstopping Schneider cannot claim.

“The biggest save of my life has to do with my first daughter, who as born prematurely,” he explained. “At that time my wife wasn’t sure what was going on, she felt a little uneasy, so we rushed her over to the hospital. She was getting an ultrasound and the ultrasound technician wasn’t there, so there was a student doing the ultrasound; I noticed the picture on the monitor of our eight-month-old baby wasn’t moving at all and the student was just taking her time and looking at things and I thought that was a little strange. I asked her about it and she said she couldn’t say anything until the doctor came in.

“I wasn’t waiting for a doctor so I ran out and spoke to my cousin who is a doctor and she called the doctor in that office and he looked at it right away and said they had to get the baby out right away. I like to think I had a hand in saving her life. They said that if it had been another hour, she might not have made it.”

Chalk that up to incredible stories you don’t hear everyday.

I don’t know about you, but I’m now a fan of both Cory Schneiders.

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