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The night before Christmas

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Vancouver...

Not a creature was stirring, the snow too hard to maneuver.

It was an off day anyway, so there was nowhere to go,
Nothing to do but spend time with family and lay low.

The Canucks with two nights off to sit and relax,
Able to focus on things other than opponent attacks.
But how would they spend their short holiday,
Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh?

Not Manny Malhotra, that’s for sure,
He tired that once and stepped in manure.
The face-off king is a culinary genius at heart,
He’ll be in the kitchen creating a work of art.

Tanner Glass, favourite hairbrush in hand,
Will be combing his mullet, every last strand.
After that it’s time to give board games a dabble,
Don’t forget that Tanner is the king of Scrabble.

Roberto Luongo, the son of Antonio and Pasqualina,
Will relax like few others away from Rogers Arena.
With his feet up, hot chocolate in hand, mind in the clouds,
Lui gets time with his family away from the crowds.

Alex Burrows, the pride of Pincourt, Quebec,
Was invited to a party, but took a rain check,
In front of the fire, bundled in his ugly holiday sweater,
Burr watches A Christmas Story; life couldn’t be better.

In Sweden the Sedins say: God Jul Och Ett Gott Nytt Ar!
To wish others happy holidays, both near and far.
A simple gift exchange between families at home,
Before the twins tell tales of Tomte the Swedish Christmas gnome.

Denmark has its own customs with Nisse leading the way,
The mischievous elf will play tricks on Jannik Hansen all day.
A bowl of rice pudding will keep his jokes within reason,
Then the two will share some eggnog – tis the season!

For Christian Ehrhoff and all those in Germany,
Singing songs is on the agenda, everyone in harmony.
For Germans the fun began Dec. 6th - that’s St. Nicholas Day,
Ehrhoff is so filled with joy as if scoring on the power play.

Ryan Kesler, one of four Americans on the team,
Spends his hours watching re-runs of a live stream.
With a pen and paper, he makes a list and checks it twice,
In search of opponents to trash talk; he’s quite precise.

If gifts need to be delivered and the big guy’s in a pinch,
There’s only one player who could deliver and help clinch.
His nose isn’t red, but he’s faster than the speed of light,
Mason Raymond as a reindeer is dy-no-mite.

Two days off gives Vancouver time to recharge the batteries,
So that a solid start to 2011 is a whimsical breeze.
Forty-nine games remain for the team to fight through,
They surely couldn’t do it without support from fans like you.

A toast to Canucks fans, the best in the league by far,
Other teams are stuck with duds, while you’re a shining star.
Thanks for being a part of what could be a magical sight,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a goodnight!

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