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The New Fall Lineup

by Scott Rintoul / Vancouver Canucks
It happens every fall. Just like all of the major networks, most hockey teams unveil a new cast of characters that are expected to generate interest among viewers.

Some draw rave reviews while others go the way of Bob Patterson, that lame spin-off Jason Alexander tried after Seinfeld. With newbies Mason Raymond, Ryan Shannon, Byron Ritchie and Aaron Miller in the fall lineup, Alain Vigneault is hoping these new programs will captivate his audience.


A fresh-faced whiz kid with all the tools tries to increase production at the Garage when he joins Twin Trucking. Mason has the most talented set of hands that brothers Daniel and Henrik have ever worked with, but he’s short on experience.

With the twins shouldering most of the workload, Mason is expected to learn on the fly using his innate ability to put the finishing touches on any job. Mason’s considerable skills include an ability to dash around the Garage at a rapid rate, which could rub off on his new colleagues.

If the brothers can turn up the tempo, this production line might churn out the type of numbers that rival any of their competitors.


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A renowned sharpshooter is sent into the field with a pair of young recruits in order to regain his killer instinct. After losing his longtime partners, Captain Naslund has spent the better part of a year trying to rediscover the form that made him one of the top snipers of his time.

Private Kesler has been sent to watch Naslund’s back and to create the diversions necessary for a clear shot at the target. He, along with the newly recruited Private Shannon, is expected to push the pace in order to ambush the opposition. While Shannon’s small stature is not ideal for physical confrontation, his agility, versatility and creativity could render him a stellar setup man for Naslund.


Byron left home when he was 16 to see if he could cut it in the real world. Moving from town to town, he earned a reputation as a hustler who could chuck the knuckles if the situation arose. Life on the road earned him his rep, but he longed to get back to his roots on the west coast.

Finding a gang to roll with wasn’t a challenge, but when you play the game the way Byron does, you can’t run alone. Enter the street savvy Trev, who’s nearly seen and done it all, and the feisty Alex, who’s well known for burrowing under the skin of rival gang members.

This trio is willing to do the dirty work necessary for the good of the gang, much to the chagrin of their foes.


Long known for his work on other networks, Aaron Miller now joins the team in Canada as an accomplished anchor.

This 10-year veteran has worked with some of the best in the biz, covering ground from coast to coast during his decade-long career. Known as a hard-hitter, Miller isn’t afraid to mix it up when big issues arise. His strong background in defense has allowed him to confront those who possess some of the most lethal weapons in North America. Miller’s strong presence should further bolster a lineup that already knows how to hold its own. Those in the know expect another strong season of effective entertainment.

Of course, we all know that Vigneault could decide to cancel any of these pilots at any time. But just like in television, the ratings usually speak for themselves.
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