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The nerve

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Who do the Sedins think they are?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there not a memo accompanying the package professional athletes receive after being drafted that outlines how to be a superstar?

In order to dominate headlines certain behaviours are expected, like celebrating significant dates with exceptional enthusiasm. Take Cinco de Mayo, for example. Were Daniel and Henrik Sedin out with the people commemorating the event?


The Sedins spent Saturday, May 5th, with their families enjoying some well deserved down time. They did the same thing the next day.

There’s nothing in the memo about that.

Then on Monday, May 7th, they began training for the 2012-13 season – 15 days removed from the Vancouver Canucks being knocked out of the first round of the 2012 Playoffs, the Sedins began training for next season. Yep, two weeks off seems like enough rest after going to battle for eight months.

Best of luck being the topic of water cooler talk with that work ethic.

The Sedins even passed up the chance to go viral with the cameras rolling during a commercial shoot for the 25th annual BC Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend at Global TV in Burnaby last Friday. Wearing matching grey Canucks polos, seated in matching wooden director’s chairs in front of a green screen, Daniel and Henrik simply read the scrolling sentences on the teleprompter instead of taking matters into their own hands and discussing their talents.

Henrik: ”Hi, I’m Henrik Sedin...”

Daniel: “…and I’m Daniel Sedin. We are big fans of the winning team at BC Children’s Hospital.”

Henrik: “You can help the hospital by picking up the phone right now and making a donation.”

Daniel: “Thank you for giving BC’s kids their best shot at a healthier life.”

Wherever Dave Bolland is, he’s rolling his eyes.

This isn’t how big time athletes act. They don’t stay out of the public eye, raise families, train like ironmen every minute of the off-season and contribute their time urging people to support children in need. And they've been doing it for more than a decade.

Next thing you know the Sedins will be donating, geez I don’t know, say $1.5 million to help build BC Children’s Hospital, instead of wisely investing that money on the outcome of the big game in Las Vegas.

Correction: the lottery winner sized cheque they wrote to BC Children’s Hospital in 2010 went through and is helping change lives.

The nerve.

And now the Sedins are asking others to be selfless and help raise even more funds for BC Children's Hospital during Miracle Weekend on June 2nd and 3rd, live on Global TV?

Are these guys Art Ross Trophy winners or philanthropists?

“We’re fortunate to have healthy kids, but there are families that go thought tough things, so that’s why we want to help,” said Henrik.

Add perspective to the list of attributes the Sedins were not assigned from the introductory memo in question.

What’s next humility? Honour? Loyalty?

Check. Check. Check.

Who are these guys? And how can they make so much noise without making any noise at all?

In a few weeks they’ll return to Sweden where they’ll claim to be visiting with family and friends, but really they’ll be devising new ways to trump foes with outlandish moves and offensive production that already has them second and fourth all-time in franchise scoring.

Until then it’ll be more of the same from Daniel and Henrik Sedin: daily workouts, time with family and more giving; don’t be surprised if they even make an unscheduled appearance during Miracle Weekend to help even more.

Who do the Sedins think they are?

Clearly they didn’t get the memo. In fact, they seem to have written one of their own.

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