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The last day

by Frankie Corrado / Vancouver Canucks

Like in the past, the last day of camp is the Grouse Grind. This year was quite a bit different than last year because it was pouring rain. But overall, I thought the Grouse Grind was harder last year, well at least I thought it was a little harder because it was my first time doing it then.

The rain definitely made it more difficult because you don't have to watch where you step as much and it added more elements that we didn't have to think about last year. There were puddles everywhere so we were trying to avoid some of those. That first step when your shoe gets soaked is the worst but after that, it's all the same. It just felt like I jumped in a pool and I was just drenched. It was either sweat or rain but I think it was more rain.

My team was Cannata, Baldwin, Rush, Baker and Robinson. Friesen's team won because they were able to stick together the most even though their time was the third fastest. Because it's a team exercise, our group tried to stay together the most. You can read all the details here.

Overall, it was a good camp, good experience again. It’s always fun to be back here in Vancouver and see everyone. I checked the weather today and it looks like the next week is going to be all sunny so I’m sure you guys can all enjoy that.

It was a lot of fun and I always learn a lot of cool stuff that I can take back with me for summer training. The camp really enforces that I can always improve and can never be status quo. I always want to keep getting better and improve the results so that is the main thing I'll take away from here.

One of the great things about camp is getting to know the guys and here are some things I learned:

Best dressed
Joel Rumpel

Best laugh
Alex Friesen

Best sense of humour
Zach Hall

Dalton Sward

Evan McEneny

Kurtis Bartliff

Best dancer

Class clown
Brendan Gaunce

Most likely to invent something:
Matt Beattie (because he's going to Yale)

Most likely to break a world record
Cooper Rush (for tallest man alive)

Most likely to star in a movie
Justin DaSilva

Best nickname
Freeze (Alex Friesen)

And of course, to end off my final blog entry, today's song of the day will be a classic: Night Moves by Bob Seger.

I'm headed back home now so I'll probably take a couple days off to rest and recover and then back at it on Monday. Thanks for reading the blog and hope you enjoyed it.

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