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by Frankie Corrado / Vancouver Canucks

It’s pretty exciting to be the blogger for camp this year, I heard the Corrado cam had a lot of good reviews last year so it’s nice to be back in the social network and back on all week. Hopefully all the fans from the Corrado cam are tuning into this.

I haven't blogged before but I was following Mike Davies’ bachelorette blog for the Wolves and it's pretty good so we'll see what I can come up with. Darren Archibald was last year's blogger and I hear he had quite the following so I want to say that I'll have big shoes to fill but that's pretty obvious since he's a pretty big guy. I hope that I'll be funny but I’m not that funny so I’ll try.

Coming into camp this year, it’s good to not be the rookie and come back, know everyone and I have a feel for what’s going on through the week. Today, guys were coming up to me and asking what we were doing on the ice and in the gym and I’m the one telling them what we’re doing, which was obviously quite different from last year when I was the new guy. It’s good to be looked at like that, kind of know the ropes a little bit and show the young guys - even though I’m still probably one of the youngest guys here.

The thing I'm most looking forward to this week is pretty much anything on the ice - I just like being on the ice. Obviously, the workouts and all the activities are important but anytime you can get on the ice in front of an 18,000 seat arena even though it’s not filled, it’s pretty exciting. It’s where you want to be all the time so you take it in and enjoy yourself a lot more. There were actually a lot of fans in the seats today so that made it even more exciting. I was surprised to see so many fans, it was pretty cool to see them all.

I train with one of the coaches here, Ryan, in the summer so he says there's pressure for me to be perfect - so I'll do my best to make us both look good. Since we do train together in the summer, I’ll sometimes go first in some of the drills and show the way because I know some of the drills already. He’s great and I learn so much from him so it's good to have someone familiar here too. Right now, just the Ontario guys train with him in the summer so we’ll keep that under wraps for a little bit - #TeamOntario. (Guess the secret's out now?)

What I'm least looking forward to isn't a surprise at all: the fitness testing. It was today so it’s good to get it out of the way the first day because if not, it drags on and you’re always thinking about it. Now we can get to the good stuff and have a good week. It's my third time doing it so I know what to expect now and it makes it a little easier mentally and physically even if the results haven't changed much. Best part of the fitness testing? No one puked on the bike.

It was a big day back in Woodbridge, Ontario today. Italy won in Euro today and it’s a huge Italian community back there with probably 50-60% of the community being Italian of either people who were born in Italy and came over and a lot of first generation Italians. I'm sure there's a big celebration back there right now. I’ll check Twitter later and see all the updates. The whole community gets together for that so it’s pretty special. It’s very exciting. I’ll check Twitter later and see all the updates. The last time they won the World Cup in 2006, I was in grade 8 so I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much. If Italy wins this time, I'll appreciate it a lot more. The game was on during testing so I was able to peek in between sets at testing. I got to watch at least some of it so that was good. It was a very quiet celebration in my head, no fist pumps - I didn’t really go social on it at that moment.

I'm a huge music fan so I'm going to let you into my world a bit and share a song or artist everyday. My inaugural blog song to day is 867-5309 by Tommy Tutone. I just put it on my iPod actually. Here's the story: I was sitting in the family room with my dad, adding songs to my iPod. I was putting on Jesse’s Girl and he said you should put on the other Rick Springfield song, he said 867-5309 and I said that’s not Springfield. I downloaded it and sure enough, that wasn’t it, it was Tommy Tutone.

I'll leave you on that note as I head out to dinner and get ready for tomorrow.

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