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Tanner Glass Blog: Happy Halloween

by Tanner Glass / Vancouver Canucks

Tanner Glass
Because of the schedule, it’s been hard to keep up writing the blog but I’ll try to write more frequently if I can.

Emily and I were John Lennon and Yoko Ono for Halloween this year and I think we actually looked a lot like them. I already have the beard so all I needed were the little round glasses and a long-haired wig. Emily and I had this idea last year, but because we were on the road, we didn’t get a chance to put it together until this year.

Other than our costume, my favourite get-up had to be Alex Edler and his girlfriend Amanda. They went as Axl Rose and Smash of Guns ‘N Roses and they looked awesome.

When I was a kid my favourite costume was Rafael of the Ninja Turtles. I’m a Ninja Turtle-era kid so that was a very popular one then. Might have to pull that out again someday. Growing up, I remember that as soon as the school bell rang, my brother and I tried to get to every house in town. Even though it was a super small town, I don’t think we ever made it; my mom and dad would have to drag us in because it got too cold and dark out to continue.

The Ring of Honour ceremony on Tuesday was really well done and it was an honour to be part of. I think it is great for the organization and obviously a tremendous honour for Mr. Kurtenbach. I didn’t get a chance to meet him, but he is someone that I know all of the current players look up to. You could really feel the appreciation and energy from the crowd after the ceremony and I can’t wait to see who is next.

Like a lot of fans here in Vancouver, my all-time favorite Canuck is Pavel Bure. I grew up watching him in the Canuck jersey and for me he seems like a no brainer to join Mr. Kurtenbach on the wall. He was the most exciting player in the league for a few years there when the Canucks had some of the best teams in franchise history. He was so fast and every time he touched the puck, you just knew something was going to happen.

Actually, when I was eight or nine, I went to my first NHL game, which was Minnesota against Vancouver in Saskatoon. My Dad surprised my Grandpa and I with tickets so we drove up to watch. I was obviously really excited to see Bure play but he ended up getting kicked out of the game 10 minutes in for high-sticking. I never got the chance to see Bure play in person again, so to be part of a ceremony to honour him and potentially meet him, would be really cool.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and comments!

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