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Spoiler alert

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Penticton is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There hasn’t been a lot of time for exploring this week, but even without looking for splendor, it’s everywhere.

That makes hearing how Billy Sweatt spent his post-game Monday night noteworthy. He wasn’t out walking the beach, taking a dip in the water or on a patio admiring the scenery; Sweatt gathered his entourage to watch the series finale of Entourage.

Huddled around a laptop in the team hotel, Sweatt, Kevin Connauton, Kellan Tochkin and Jordan Schroeder watched as Vince, Drama, E, Turtle and Ari bid adieu to the show – as far as TV episodes go anyways.

The episode, "The End," aired last Sunday night and was water cooler talk on Monday around the world, just not in Penticton with the players focused on their upcoming games. How the Twitter-eager prospects, led by @billysweatt, managed to avoid finding out how it all ended is beyond me, but nothing was spoiled.

SPOILER ALERTIf you haven’t seen the finale and you are planning on watching it, read no further. You’ve been warned.

The last episode ends with the whole crew jet setting off on private planes, Vince, Turtle, Drama and Ari flying to Paris for Vince’s shotgun wedding with Sophia, while Eric and Sloan head a different direction with their flight. All conflict is basically resolved as E and Sloan give it another shot (oh and she’s pregnant by the way), Ari and his wife also decide to give it another go instead of getting divorced, Turtle is a millionaire because of Avion tequila and Drama has his TV show back and a movie of the week in the works.

Sweatt, who identifies most with E for his business sense and view on relationships, was quick to tweet post-viewing that he was sad to see Entourage go. He’s been religious with his appointment viewing of the show, which he equates to the male version of Sex and the City, for nearly seven years since it debuted on July 18, 2004 on HBO.

The ending of any show is always highly debated and Entourage's was too flowery for some, too predictable for others and just right for Sweatt.

“It was a feel good, everything goes the right way ending, and after that last season it’s about time things just kind of worked their way out again,” said Sweatt, who speaks of the characters as if they’re part of his true entourage.

“I like that Ari got back together with his wife, that was huge, and Vince being so spontaneous with his marriage, that was weird. It looks like he’s totally obsessed with the girl, in a good way, but it had still been only 24 hours that they’d really known each other, that’s definitely not my style.

“It started off shaking for E, I didn’t think it would ever get resolved, but then Vince saved the day. Same with Drama and his show, but he’s got it back which is good.

“Turtle is a millionaire thanks to Vince keeping those shares, he lucked out, but he deserved to get some compensation because he got that company to where it was.

“Overall it was a great episode and at the end everyone was just like ‘man, I can’t believe it’s over now.’ But they left it so wide open at the end that we all think that they’ll be a movie.”

A movie? Really? Okay, I can get my head around that as long as there’s one movie, not a sequel in Abu Dhabi and now a third movie in the works.

“I want to see what happens with Ari from there out, for sure, so I’m alright with a movie. I think they’ll do it right, I never saw the Sex and the City movie, but I guess it was good and everybody liked it, and if they did that and made sure it was well done, I’d be alright with that.”

Sweatt left Vancouver’s 4-3 OT win over the Calgary Flames with an undisclosed injury during the third period Monday night and coach Craig MacTavish said they’ll air on the side of caution and Sweatt likely won’t play for the remainder of the tournament to rest for Canucks main camp.

The question now becomes does he use his added free time to re-watch old episodes of Entourage or explore Penticton?

If you see a guy with a laptop at the beach, you know the answer. He's doing both.

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