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Shootout supremacy

by Frankie Corrado / Vancouver Canucks

No off-ice workouts today, just a four-on-four tournament so it was good to get to play some hockey. It's the first time we've really had game-type situations so guys still worked hard but obviously knew that it was fun too.

This year's was different than last year's tournament, where we had 9-10 teams of 3 split up into two groups and played a round robin. Then you go on to the semis and the winning team from both sides will go into the finals. We only played half-ice for that last year and that was fun but this was more realistic. We didn’t have enough bodies for full teams so it was just four-on-four, which meant obviously more room on the ice. Group A ended up winning the game 5-4 but Group B won the shootout.

After the game ended, we all took turns in a shootout. I went up against Joel Rumpel. Everyone was talking about taking a slapshot so I went in, faked like I was going to take a slap shot and quickly pulled it to the right and wired it upstairs. But I think I had him beat on the slapshot but it was a good move nonetheless.

In Sudbury, at the end of Thursday practices, we'll do shootouts because we go into the weekend playing games so this is something fun before games and we get to see who’s hot for the shootout. I haven’t really found a move that I go to yet and I don't really take shootouts anyway but maybe I can work on it and you never know.

But having said that, I actually shot once in my first year. It was against Peterborough, it went into nine or 10 shooters and that Thursday before the game, I had actually won the shootout elimination. I was the seventh shooter in the game and I ended up missing but we won that game anyway so it worked out in the end.

Since we haven’t done a hip hop song yet, let’s go with hip hop today… My favourite song is probably PSA by Jay-Z, everyone knows it but it's a good one. I feel like you can never go wrong with Jay-Z and it's a good pre-game song too.

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