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Shell shocked

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Bo Horvat, Frankie Corrado and Linden Vey knew they had it coming.

At every Dice & Ice gala since its inception in 2000, Vancouver Canucks rookies have been officially welcomed to the team by being humiliated in front of hundreds of people.

Good times.

Memorable years include 2007 when Alex Burrows, Marc Chouinard and Dany Sabourin sang as French song as “The Boys Blues Brothers” and 2009 when Alex Edler, Jannik Hansen, Steve Bernier and Mason Raymond had to reenact the classic “show me the money” scene from Jerry Maguire.

Last year rookies Eddie Lack, Jeremy Welsh, Ryan Stanton and Zac Dalpe gave perhaps the greatest performance ever singing a large five-person duet with Sarah McLachlan; the bar was raised quite high and what the players had to do this time around had them shocked.

Well, shell shocked.

Horvat, Corrado and Vey were called to the stage early on in the event and each took a seat on a stool front and centre. One by one they were dressed in grey barber capes and clear hairnets – “they’re getting highlights,” laughed host Brent Butt, “actually rookies never have highlights!” – before awaiting further instruction.

Then the egg crate was brought out and Horvat’s face dropped.

If you’ve seen The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you’re familiar with egg roulette. If not, the rules are simple: grab an egg and smash is against your forehead. Eight of the eggs were hard-boiled, four of the 12 were raw, leading to an unexpected surprise and the yoke’s on you. And everyone else.

Horvat was first up. Grab, smash. Phew. Hard-boiled.

Corrado was next. Grab, smash – SPLAT. Raw.

Vey went third. Grab, smash. Phew. Hard-boiled.

When the yoke cleared, Corrado was hit with two raw eggs, one a piece for Horvat and Vey and those in attendance gave the trio a big cheer for being good sports.

And that wasn’t even the highlight of the night.

There was business to attend to before the main event, a rousing game of Head’s UP!, as more than $550,000 was generously raised for the Canucks for Kids Fund; over the last 29 years the CFKF has granted more than $46 million to charities in British Columbia.

Serving more than 120 organizations to date, the CFKF donates to charities that support children’s health and wellness, foster the development of grassroots hockey, and facilitate and encourage education throughout the province.

After wallets were returned to pockets and purses, 12 Canucks were invited to the stage and divided into four teams: Team Sweden (Henrik, Daniel & Edler), Team Canada (Bieksa, Burrows & Hamhuis), Team USA (Miller, Higgins & Bonino) and Team World (Hansen, Sbisa & Weber).

If you’ve ever played Head’s Up! or watched The Ellen Show, you know how this works. Basically the teams took turns on stage, each picking one player to guess while the other two acted out different clues from various categories.

Nothing written here could do justice to the main event, so think of this and the photo to the right as an extremely poor trailer for the movie that wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Story, Best Comedy Picture and, what the heck, Best Original Song.

This video is that good and it’ll be live on as soon as our editors are able to re-focus on cutting it through the downfall of laughter tears they’ve been fighting.

No spoilers here. The video is worth the wait.

Until then, click here to see a photo gallery from the 2015 Canucks Dice & Ice gala.

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