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Shane O'Brien's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

It looks like Will Ferrell’s run in the Canucks dressing room may be coming to an end and being ousted by the wedding crashing duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

O’Brien’s more a Vaughn fan than a Wilson fan but if he had to identify with either John Beckwith (Wilson’s character) or Jeremy Grey (Vaughn’s character), it’s something he needs more time to figure out.

“Tough one... I’m not as witty as Vince Vaughn so... I’d say somewhere in the middle.”

The movie features the two as single bachelors, who go to weddings uninvited, hoping to meet women (for a brief synopsis).

It seems to be a popular movie around the dressing room and there’s no doubt O’Brien’s a heavy advocate of the movie.

“I saw it in theatres and I went out and bought it as soon as it came out. I’ve probably seen it about 50 times – every time I watch it, it’s probably as funny as the first time.”

As one of the younger guys on the team, O’Brien needs to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends – that’s why he’ll pick up a copy of GQ once in a while.

How would he rate his fashion sense compared to the rest of the team?


Good answer. And who’s probably near the top of the list as far as style?

“Pysie’s [Taylor Pyatt] got pretty good style. Johnny’s [Ryan Johnson] got pretty good style.”

While we’ve all seen athletes clean up for special events, it’s hard to compete with the likes of the Hollywood elite as far as fashion goes. The Canucks are generally well put together but who should consider getting a makeover?

“Darcy Hordichuk. He’s always going to Nordstrom Rack or something, trying to get it as cheap as he can. He needs to up the ante a little bit.”
As far as a cell phone ring tone goes, there’s nothing to tell here.

“I have it on vibrate – all the time. I think it’s really annoying when people’s cell phones go off really really loudly. It just bothers me so I keep it on vibrate.”

Other players in the past have noted their teammates as the most famous people in their phone list and while, they may be famous, O’Brien wins the prize with Academy Award winner, Cuba Gooding, Jr.

“I played in a charity hockey game last year with Jerry Bruckheimer in Las Vegas and that’s how I met him.”

In fact, he was recently at a Canucks home game when the Detroit Red Wings visited GM Place in November.
True to form, as a hockey player, his last visit online was to  He’s catching up on League news and sure it helps to know what’s going on but he does most of his studying on another site.

“I got to YouTube a lot and to see the fights around the league.”

He uses the site to figure out his opponents and prepare for anything, if something should happen.  

O’Brien’s “fight card” currently features three of this year’s fights – all of which he has been voted the winner.  

He admits to watching his own fights but not for pure entertainment purposes.  Always the studious player, he’s constantly preparing for what’s next.

“I’ll always watch them after to see what I did that worked and stuff that I can work on but I watch more of the other guys are doing so I can always be ready.”
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