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Seeing Red

by Scott Rintoul / Vancouver Canucks
Five years ago, you would have been laughed out of the pub for even suggesting it. The thought that Daniel and Henrik Sedin would be vital to the Canucks’ success was unthinkable to most fans that followed the team. Yet here we are in 2008 and the Canucks cannot win without them. On 11 occasions this season, both Sedins have failed to register points and the Canucks have lost each and every time, although two of those losses were in shootouts. That means Vancouver is 25-9-3 when at least one of the twins picks up a point, and an even more impressive 20-6-1 when both Pinky and the Brain factor in the scoring.

As a fellow redhead, it’s fair to say that I relish the triumphs of my fair-skinned brethren. Seeing as though we only account for 1-2% of the world’s population, we don’t stand much of a chance when it comes to standing out for the right reasons. But as surprising as it might be to see the Canucks’ carrot-tops leading this team offensively just a few years after many had written them off, other redheads have ‘shocked the world’ in a variety of manners. Here are a few you might remember:

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Boris Becker

While he may have had trouble filing his taxes, the German tennis sensation still holds the record for youngest man to ever win the singles title at Wimbledon. Back in 1985, a 17 year-old Becker stunned the tennis world with his improbable run at the All England Club in which he knocked off four of the sixteen seeds en route to the championship. Becker would repeat as champ the following year by upsetting world #1 Ivan Lendl. He would go on to win a total of three Wimbledons and six Grand Slam events over the course of his 16-year career.

Bill Walton

As a key cog in back-to-back titles for a dominant UCLA Bruins squad in the early 1970’s, Walton’s success in the NBA wasn’t the least bit surprising. After all, he went 21-of-22 from the floor in the 1973 final against Memphis State and was named the top amateur athlete in the United States that same year. What most didn’t see coming was Walton’s long and entertaining career in broadcasting. Though you wouldn’t know it from his long-winded descriptions of both NBA plays and players, Walton suffered from a terrible stutter. Fortunately the proud Deadhead conquered his vocal struggles to bring us such gems as “Throw it down big man!” and “[Insert player] just made the worst pass in the history of civilization!”.

David Caruso

Who would have thought that Caruso would wind up being the cheesiest actor on television when he was winning Emmys back in 1993? As Detective John Kelly on NYPD Blue, Caruso drew rave reviews from various critics and seemed poised for a successful career. But his red head got too big for his badge and Caruso left the show after just one season to pursue a career in film. When that didn’t work out, he went back to his roots as a TV detective with one added twist. Caruso still busts the bad guys as Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami, but he delivers so many of his lines with more cheese than a frat house order from Domino’s. Example: “You know what they say. You lie down with the Devil (dramatic pause to put on shades), you wake up in Hell.” Wow, that’s acting.

Julia Roberts

Nobody is going to question her considerable acting skills that have earned her an Academy Award and multiple nominations for others over the years. But how does this Pretty Woman wind up marrying less than attractive (and that’s a compliment) country singer Lyle Lovett? That decision has to be among the most bizarre and shocking choices in the history of civilization (credit: Walton)! While her act of mercy gave hope to all of us that toiled to find dates over the years, it makes you wonder if actors should also be subject to drug tests. Roberts came to her senses less than two years later and resumed her career as one of the finest actors in Hollywood.

Daphne Blake

Most figured she was just the cute cartoon character in Scooby Doo, but Daphne proved she was more than just a pretty face. While the logical Velma got most of the credit for solving cases in the early episodes, Daphne rose to prominence later on in the series. In fact, Daphne replaced Fred as the leader of those crime-solving kids in The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, which ran for half a year on ABC beginning in the fall of 1985
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