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Ryan Kesler's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

As a professional hockey player, Ryan Kesler’s no stranger to travelling but getting stuck on a deserted island is something he’s been fortunate enough not to experience. Instead, he goes through the dramas and survival techniques vicariously by watching the television show, Lost.

When the award-winning series debuted in 2004, Kesler caught a couple episodes and has been hooked ever since.

“I watched the first couple episodes of the first season but with games, I can’t watch them every night. I don’t like watching one episode and then waiting a week to watch, I’d rather watch them all in one week.”

The show is now into its fifth season on ABC but with Kesler’s schedule and the release of the DVDs, he’s still catching up on the fourth season.

“I just got the fourth season but I haven’t watched it yet. I don’t like watching tv shows on tv, I like watching them after.”

If you’ve never seen the show, you can catch up on it here but the quick synopsis is that a group of people get stuck on an island after their plane crashes into the ocean. The show follows them trying to survive and find ways off of the island.

The show has been known for some outrageous storylines and for Kesler, there was one that stood out in his mind.

“I didn’t understand the whole new village thing, I wasn’t a big fan of that one from the third season.”

The Canucks have a solid group of card players and recently showed off their skills as they dealt cards for the annual Dice and Ice charity event.

While he’ll dabble in the card playing on the plane every so often, he’s not part of the regulars that include Roberto Luongo, Darcy Hordichuk, and Alex Burrows but he did name “Brining Down the House” by Ben Mezrich as his favourite book.

“The movie 21 is based off of this book but the book is better than the movie though.”

“I got the book for Christmas one year from my wife and quite a few years ago.”

The book follows a group of card counters from MIT as they played their way through Vegas and eventually split up because of different conflicts.

The movie, “21”, stars Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth and received poor reviews from both critics and audience alike.

“If you like the movie, you should for sure read the book because the book’s better.”
Known as the resident rap aficionado on the team, Kesler’s best concert wasn’t actually a rap concert at all.

“Probably the Nickelback concert three years ago in Vancouver.”

He and his friends didn’t join in any mosh pits or the shoulder to shoulder pushing as he watched the concert from a private suite.

A popular band in the lockerroom as you’ll often hear something by Nickelback roaring in the gym as you pass by.

Of the six albums the band released, Kesler made his judgement on the best one.

“The best album is probably their latest one called Dark Horse and the best song is probably Gotta be Somebody but it’s tough to choose one best song.”
The popular answer when players talk about websites is some hockey site or even more commonly, but Kesler’s most frequented website is eBaum’s World

“It’s kind of like a YouTube site with games, videos, jokes and stuff like that. They’ve just got a bunch of funny clips – things like that.”

A good way to unwind after a hard practice or an intense game, no doubt. But with a site like YouTube, that has virtually every video clip imaginable, why go to a site like eBaum’s?

“I’ve been going there since I was maybe 16. “

“I go to YouTube too but this one’s just easier to find a new clips. They update it everyday so they’ll have featured clips and games.”

Just by looking at the homepage, the featured videos definitely present a theme perfect for killing time and winding down.
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