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Ryan Kesler's Inbox

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
What was your most memorable moment before you made it to the NHL? (Joyanna Shore - BC)

Probably, being selected to play at the World Junior's in Halifax, and being named MVP in a couple of the games.

How hard has it been adjusting to the NHL on a full time level, and what is it that you think you need to do, in order to take advantage of your incredible speed and start putting more points on the board? Is it just the case of getting a few good bounces, or will it take more to get you completely back on track and re-ignite the offensive Ryan Kesler we came to love in Manitoba?

It was a pretty tough transition at first because I wasn't getting the minutes I did last year in Manitoba. But I think I've finally figured out how I have to play. I have to go out there, use my speed to get in on the forecheck, and hopefully I can create offence off that.

From watching you play the game this year, you have improved a lot from 2003-04. Has working with the Manitoba Moose and coaching staff been a big help for you during the lock-out, or has the opportunity to play with the Canucks been the advantage? (Tanya Wilson - Kelowna, BC)

Working last year with the Manitoba Moose definitely helped with my confidence a lot. Also, I think getting comfortable here with the Canucks and getting more and more ice time, I've had more confidence, and am able to do more out on the ice. As I do more, I'll continue to improve.

As the fastest skater on the Canucks, do you think that you have the advantage? (Zoe Walker, age 11 - Nanaimo, BC)

Yes, it's a speed game now, with the new rules, so being fast just helps you that much more. Speed creates more offence for you and allows you to get back to your zone quicker. My game is to get in on the fore-check and get hits, and it's hard for the opposing team to defend speed.

Who would you say your role model on the team has been and why?

Trevor Linden and Todd Bertuzzi, Bert's been through a lot and I admire that he's shown that he can get out there and play game in and game out.

Are you and Matt Cooke good friends? Your hockey style is so similar; I figured you'd have lots of off ice chemistry?

Matt and I are actually room-mates, so when we go on the road, we stay together. Matt's a great guy and yes we get along really well!

If you had the chance to play hockey with any player that has played or currently plays in the NHL, who would it be? (Rebecca and Jessica Gill)

Probably, Mike Modano because we are both from the same home town of Livonia Michigan, and have a similar kind of skating style. I grew up idolizing Mike, so getting the opportunity to play with him would be a great honor for me.

As an American, describe how it feels to play for a Canadian team. (Lindsay - Surrey, BC)

It's awesome! Hockey is a way of life up here in Canada, and people live and die for this kind of stuff. It's nuts, our fans are great, and we seem to have the loudest building at General Motors Place.

What are some of your favorite places to go in Vancouver, and do you ever hang out with your team-mates when you have time off? (Tara)

I really like walking my dogs along the seawall with my wife. I usually hang around Alex Auld when I have time off. We live in the same building complex and he also has some dogs, so we hang out quite a bit. Also, our wives seem to get along so that helps too.

What is your favorite activity outside of hockey and besides golf? (David Luttger)

Well, I'm a video game geek, I really like my video games. Also, I really enjoy cars, I have a mustang back home which I like working on. When I get the opportunity I like taking her down to the track and racing her.

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