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Round 1, Game 4: Tweet Trail

by Ronil Desai / Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks saw the return of Daniel Sedin in the lineup as they tried to stave off elimination in the fourth game of the series.

The atmosphere was tense throughout 60 minutes but the faith never diminished. Review all the action in the fourth installment of the Tweet Trail.


  • @msislandgirl  @VanCanucks We will tuning in at 5am in Kampala Uganda #TIWWLF #reversesweep

  • @CBaret Only 3 teams have comeback from 3-0: 2010 Flyers. 1975 Isles. 1942 Leafs. Tonight, #Canucks start work on being the fourth.

  • @ashaiscool 7am in Mumbai. Waiting for the puck to drop. #reversesweep #Canucks #TIWWLF #sleepisfortheweak

  • @lilicandifornia Have faith #canucks, it's not about how we got here. it's about where we go from here, and I'd say there's nowhere left to go but up.

  • @suitoflights I'm hungry, but I'm probably not going to eat until after the game. Eeeeeeeek. #canucks

  • @nuwen Got my Nucks jersey over my nucks sweater over my nucks t-shirt. GO #CANUCKS!!!


  • @anatingor OMG. I'm gonna need a defibrillator. Where's my defibrillator?? #Canucks

  • @Adam_Twigg First 5 min in #Canucks game with some good pace! Daniel is back tonight and the De-Shenider in next with a big save!

  • @zNathu Canucks gotta get more aggressive. Cmon boys your not gonna be given anything tonight. You're gonna need to take it. GO CANUCKS GO! #TIWWLF

  • @AaminahKhan14  1-0 But Keep Calm and Carry On! #Canucks

  • @jasicasandhu17 First periods almost over c'mon boys we have faith show it all in the next period #BELIEVEINBLUEE

  • @ShadowKold Im seeing the #canucks confidence gaining steam, if we keep it up we can TAKE IT! Lets Do IT! #TIWWLF


  • @julseykins  It takes two to make a thing go right? Two Sedins? I think so! #CANUCKS

  • @alishapranjivan Respect your Edlers #Canucks

  • @thethreesix Wait... What? Who? On what? #Canucks #Kings

  • @Kaushalraniga Finally a bounce. Sedins sipping on some Juice we got the lead keep it up #Canucks

  • @concretefluff  Paging the Vancouver Penalty Kill. Paging the Vancouver Penalty kill! Please report to the ice immediately! #Canucks

  • @eddielack It's gonna be hard for the kings to score 3 on Schneids so if Canucks score next it will be a very good thing! #howaboutkesler #reversesweep

  • @I_am_brando I hope your kids aren't sleeping neighbors because I'm screaming at the TV. #Canucks


  • @GorgeSlothDie Okay...20 minutes of sick-to-my-stomach here we go. #Canucks #TIWWLF

  • @SeanALarson Instead of Kenny dying, can we #Canucks fans just kill Cartman?

  • @edlau OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!!! #Canucks score on the PP!!! That looks more like our power play!

  • @anothertessaYappy Lappy he may be, but it's that kind of work that makes me love Lapierre. #Canucks



  • @iamjohnnycanuck Under the moustache, a mighty grin prevails. #thefightison

  • @Balj_S  The three stars vancouvers three triplets Schneider, D. Sedin and H. Sedin #TIWWLF

  • @Jasmine_vc33 Okay. Celebrating this was fun but we still have work to do. Onto game 5 .Do or die . #onegameatatime #TIWWLF

The Canucks managed to hang on and record their first victory of the post-season. The squad took the first of many steps in the right direction but the journey is far from over. The series will take a three-day break before returning to Beautiful British Columbia Sunday evening for another must win game. Keep believing and represent the team loud and proud.

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