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Round 1, Game 3: Tweet Trail

by Ronil Desai / Vancouver Canucks

Staples Center located on 1111 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California was center stage on Sunday when the Canucks geared up to battle the Kings in what was one of the most vital games of the season.

There were several celebrities in the building but the main focus was on the ice. Follow the action from fellow fans in the third edition of the Tweet Trail.


  • @canucksgame #Canucks towel power > Kings "towel power" #justsayin

  • @jess18x Game time in less than 2 hours, no need to do my homework or study. #procrastinationatitsfinest

  • @radley04You expect your team to play a full game, they expect you to back them the whole game #Canucks #believe

  • @margaretlu I've never believed in the saying '3rd times the charm' more than tonight #canucks

  • @DeltaCanuckian There are no second chances. There is only this moment, and the next one. Every one of those moments is a test. Seize that moment. #Canucks

  • @liemily Am I the only one who is disgustingly nervous for tonights game; believing without a doubt. #TIWWLF

  • @GorgeSlothDie Okay after a long day of hockey we're 14 minutes away from what should be the icing on the cake. Go #Canucks Go! #TIWWLF

  • @RajaKalsi This message is for my beloved #Canucks. In the famous words of Oakland Raiders late owner Al Davis, "#JustWinBaby!!!"

  • @VanCanucksOz Australia will be watching you today. Our only cable tv network isn't showing the game. Only Rugby replays. Pray 4 us. #Canucks

  • @fabulavancouver Watching an amazing sunset over the Santa Monica mtns, birds chirping, whole city smells fresh and green. Maybe #Canucks will think its Van

  • @ShauniBurrows Omg 5 mins till the game im nervous as hell we can do this #TIWWLF this is our year WE need this win #canucks

  • @JS_Topher Ok Guys. I have the heart of a Canuck and bleed Blue and Green. Just make these apparant health issues worth while! #GoCanucksGo #TIWWLF


  • @PavanLe1Panchal My arms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy getting set for the game hoping the #Canucks are ready. It's Game Time!

  • @holmes156 Ok I've already yelled at my TV, the crazy emotional fan in me may take over tonight. #Canucks

  • @Kiritastic Post > Hansen but Canucks > Kings #Canucks #gogogo

  • @shutupcj Good pressure so far in this game. Keep it up boys!!! #canucks

  • @doods1484 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! What a save by Schneider on the 3 on 1 #Canucks

  • @jameskwantes If #Canucks can kill this, then keep pouring on the pressure, goals will come. Bad ice and Quick looks beatable tonight

  • @Kirkham77 Sure is nice to see the #Canucks playing at the level we all know they are capable of. #TIWWLF

  • @vpeacesignv #Kings should be AFRAID. Be very AFRAID. #Canucks look in top form tonight! #GOCANUCKSGO #ibelieve

  • @reallyprofound Good pressure and intensity in the first period, but the #Canucks need to turn it into goals in the next period.

  • @ggaganPARHAR This, I have to say, has been the best period we have played. Well done boys! #gocanucksgo #TIWWLF



  • @sarahjoliv Please, please please tell me Henrik is ok! #TIWWLF

  • @kaushalRaniga Yes Bieksa that's what I want to see. Revenge on Brown for our Captain! Lets Go! #Canucks #R3NHL12

  • @DukeElTrashman Bieksa with the classic table topper #tiwwlf

  • @TheNizzo  Kobe Bryant has no idea what's going on right now. #TIWWlF

  • @Psambo Penner charges in to a sandwich! How many times have we heard that before? #Canucks

  • @BryanaGrant Momentum is with us, let's get a goal #gocanucksgo

  • @sealshockey You have to love the intensity of the #Kings #Canucks game tonight. Every inch of ice is contested. Quick remains superb.

  • @arnoldyvr Henrik is a beast. Back in game right away.#thatswhyhesourcaptain. #canucks

  • @mijaypavon I could go without all the fighting and stupid penalties, but #Canucks playing with more fire than last two games. I like that.

  • @five15design Awesome - only one team in it & the #Canucks survive their dreaded 2nd period slump. This is ours #Canucks


  • @AvtarG Time to Windaturd #sonervous #canucks

  • @AleceAnderson Ahhhhh!!!! Brown scores on a no chancer for Schneider. That hurts.

  • @K_Nauts Been a crazy game. Tough goal against. Nucks need a big push right now. Great hit by Hamhuis on Penner to start the charge #BigTreeFallHard

  • @penucks_fan Dear #canucks, score. now.

  • @canucksgirl94 If the every #Canucks fan starts saying prayers and the #Canucks annihilate the Kings we can #tiethegame #ihavefaith

  • @mileeae Step 1: #tiethegame Step 2: #winthegame Step 3: repeat step 2 #Canucks

  • @DonaDeathbat My heart is breaking right now Please hockey gods the #Canucks need you.

  • @vkothary #Speechless #Canucks


  • @fache79 Le sigh. #Canucks

  • @Canuck_Pride That sad moment when the Canucks are the much better team, but they aren't on the winning side of this series.

  • @bunti_gill It's not over till it's over #tiwwlf #canucks

  • @KamilKaramali 1942 Leafs, 1975 NY Islanders, 2004 Boston Ref Sox, 2010 Flyers, 2012 Vancouver #Canucks... #teamstocomebackfrom3nothing

  • @SlyM Game 4 could be it, but until the clock reaches 00:00 in the 3rd on Wednesday - no retreat, no surrender. #canucks #believeinblue

It was a tough loss following a solid effort from the blue and green. The Canucks are now faced in a do or die situation beginning Wednesday on South Figueroa Street. The mission will be tough but with hard work, perseverance and a strong will, anything is possible.

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